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Damien Dsoul


There are some histories we write, as well there are those too frightful to ever be put down on paper. Not because they won’t be believed, but we fear what society might gleam of it. What our standing in the world, before the eyes of many becomes. Till tomorrow, we’re never going to find out who designed the Egyptian Pyramids, what the world as like before the Dawn of Man, or if a man actually walked on water.

So, too, we’ll never get to realize what the true history of Cuckoldry was like. However, we can gleam of how infectious the word is gradually becoming, and of its growing state in the field of erotica fiction.

I have been writing erotica fiction for quite some time now. To tell the truth, the moment I began writing it was the moment that signaled the former death of me. Years ago, I wrote a novel titled ‘The Rabbit’s Man’, and it signaled the death of me. I fell into a deep depression. I ate less and lost plenty of weight. Each time I picked up the pen to write, what fell off my hand was junk. I knew I had to create a new personality. Someone to delve into my darkness and make it light.

I knew then I had to create DAMIEN DSOUL.

Damien enabled me to take a backseat and make like John the Baptist in the wilderness while he conquered my darkest imaginations. I met with couples and I indulged in upraising their sexuality as much as I did mine, too. It was never Damien’s action to become an erotic writer. I can only say that was something he got from spying on me when doing my poetic writings.

Is the world ready to embrace Cuckold Fiction? I would say Yes. However, the publishing industry hasn’t stumbled on this mark yet. And why? The overall reason would be fear. The steps made in the field of erotica fiction has never been a straight-forward one, neither has it been overall pleasant. Especially not in the United States where there’s still a hold been placed on freedom of speech & information. Take for instance the obscenity trails that happened in the sixties on works of fiction the likes of Henry Miller’s ‘Tropic of Cancer’, D.H. Lawrence’s ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’, Vladimir Nobokov’s ‘Lolita’, and many more. It could be said that there was the changing tide of the Sixties’ Sexual Revolution taking place that led to such works becoming etched in the mainstream reader’s vocabulary. Who knows. But it’s even more surprising that such works were quite more embraced by publication houses in Europe than in the States.

So, what’s the fear inherent in Cuckold fiction ever taking its place in the mainstream market? Why does it keep its head hidden in the underground, waiting for its germination era? After all, there has been the rise in erotica publications with the likes of the ‘Shades of Grey’ series. However such works are still aimed at the female population. A large portion of erotic fiction takes a large portion of feminine quality, much like transporting the characters in an Emily Bronte novel and making them rather overtly sexual. Does this mean that erotic fiction isn’t meant for men’s readership? And if it isn’t, then why?

The answer partly has to do with porn.

It is an overt assumption that porn was created for the consumption of men’s salacious sexual appetite. And why not, since one of the major differences in terms of eroticism is that men are visual creatures, unlike women who respond more toward sensual stimuli. I would disagree.

Statistics have shown that women make up the largest readers of erotic fiction. Men, too, are getting involved in the mix. Not merely for the fact of they enjoy the erotic details, but most especially they they’re attempting toward becoming more self-aware of the feminine mysticism when it comes to sex. With a man, sex is pleasurable and straight-forward: take the woman to bed, fuck her brains out, and then leave. For a women, there happens to be a lot more. There’s the intimacy. The passion. The unbridled resolve of connection the physical aspect of sex with the spiritual. This isn’t something most men won’t want to know more about, except been the creatures we are, we weren’t programmed toward thinking in that mode.

And now we come to the realm of Cuckold Fiction.

When a man is in his younger years, he’s a versatile student in the act of sex. By the time he gets to his middle-age, he appraises sex as a mountaineer who’ scaled the highest peaks would view something the size of a hill – been there, done that. It’s only until later he realizes that what he once perceived to be a hill was actually a mountaintop, way bigger than Everest. Can he climb it? He’d sure love to, except he knew deep in his heart he can’t. That time had long passed for him. Forever he beats himself over the head asking himself what was it he ought have done but didn’t. And why, in God’s name, why didn’t he do it when he should?

His only means of getting back into the grace of such life is by returning to the books of feminine sexuality. He discovers then all what he always assumed to have known . . . but never really did.

I posit that Cuckold Fiction is the missing link toward couples learning more about their eroticism, and of what they miss in each other. Such is why such fiction is of recommended value not just to married wives, but as well husbands.

It is ironic that while we’re still striving toward conquering the vast frontiers of space, we’re yet to conquer that of the expanding of human sensuality. The world has become a global village, however that village is continuously expanding. There’s plenty of information circulating the globe, enough to make one dizzy just trying to search a simple truth to something. Human sexuality is expanding, taking on new and interesting dynamics. What once was regarded as taboo is soon becoming yesterday’s news.

DAMIEN DSOUL will continue writing in this field, hopping the world changes to when it becomes necessary to accept not just the lifestyle but of no longer keeping it behind closed doors. At the moment, he’s taking a break from it, as his next erotic fiction will be out this month. I, on the other hand, have reacquired my mojo, no thanks to Damien Dsoul for giving me the rest I so needed. I’m working on a thriller fiction called ‘FATHER’S LAND’, much like Cormac McCarthy’s ‘No Country for Old Men’, transported into an African setting. The novel will cross over into Damien Dsoul’s territory, but only briefly. For now, they remain apart from each other like siblings unwilling to get along.

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