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excerpt from Merry Wives of Master SHANGO Pt. 2


Here's an excerpt off my upcoming novel, 'The Merry Wives of Master SHANGO Pt. 2'. For those who haven't seen the first one, find it on my library page. Hopefully I'll be having it republished as well. For now, ENJOY!!

* * * * * *

“Take that black dick, bitch!” Shango grunted, breathing like a rampaging bear in the woods. “Take that dick . . . love it! TELL ME YOU LOVE IT!”

“OUUHHHH . . . AHHH . . . AHH . . . I LOVE IT!” Daniela whooped with ecstasy and joy. “I fucking love it!”

She wanted to reach between her legs to quench the burning itch she was feeling down there. Except the itch was more than an irritation; it was a flowing now all the way toward her chest, clenching her muscles as if locked in a vice. Daniela unleashed a lengthy groan as a climatic surge pierced through her chest like a laser beam before spreading to engulf every area of her body. Daniela felt the tremor of an explosion spread through her body and still Shango hadn’t let off from pounding her. She wasn’t merely groaning anymore but screaming aloud her excitement and climax.


Eventually Shango let go of her. Daniela crumbled to the bed, sighing. “God! Oh my God, that felt so good!”

Shango edged over her and lowered himself over her face. His grunted furiously as he jerked his cock inches from her face. Daniela was unaware his stood above her too late when he spurted his load of cum across her cheek. Shango couldn’t stop murmuring his groan of approval as he kept ejaculating more spurts of cum over her face. The room was filled with the powerful aroma of sex. Tom was leaning toward the bed and he drew closer to watch each discharge of cum from Shango’s cock as it splattered over his wife’s face and hair. He instinctively pushed himself back away from the bed when Shango turned to look at him with a leer on his face.

“Come here, cuck boy,” Shango came down from the bed toward him. He held his cock in his hand and Tom saw it was still dripping cum on the carpet. “Come and do your work to your Master.”

Tom did what Shango told him and he again crawled to where Shango loomed over him. He stuck his tongue out and tasted his wife’s cum juice off Shango’s cock. Shango gripped his head and shoved his meat into his mouth. Tom just about choked with surprise and grunted forcefully, but still he accepted his punishment. For the moment as he proceeded toward cleaning his Master’s cock, he forgot everything about his humiliation. He forgot everything about the aching sensation he was getting from the chastity device. He forgot about Daniela in the room, or that she was right now leaning on her side watching him clean her lover’s cock. Not even that she thought him a genuine sissy, not fit to even share the bed with her anymore, not as long as she had a lover who could please her in more ways than one. None of that crossed Tom’s mind as he ducked his head between Shango’s thighs to suck his balls.

“There’s a good boy,” Shango murmured. He took his cock and slapped it back and forth across Tom’s cheeks, staining his cheek with his prick. Tom could do nothing except accept the punishment. “You’re going to find me other couples to be with, cuck boy,” Shango said to him. “Just as Daniela is going to do the same too. No slip-ups next time, you hear?”

“Yes, Master,” Tom smacked his lips and ran his hand across his face for any trace of cum.

“Time to take a shower, babe,” Shango said to Daniela.

He helped her up from the bed. “Take care the room, cucky,” she said to Tom before locking arms with Shango and letting him lead her across the room toward the bathroom.

The door shut behind them and Tom came up from the floor and got busy dressing the bed. Daniela’s voice floated from behind the door, laughing at whatever Shango must have said to her . . . or maybe it was about him. Tom could only hope whatever they were discussing was about him. His hand went to the chastity device locked around his penis. He thought he perceived some mild erection happening there. He would remind Daniela to make it tighter for him later. He was smiling as he went about setting the bedroom back in order for their return.

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