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Letter from Master SHANGO - IWantToWatchMyWife

Dear cuckboi,

I’ve been well aware of you following me on Twitter. I’ve received the numerous emails that you’ve sent me to my mail box, as well the messages you’ve written to me on my Tumblr account. I understand your plight. You share similar plight as most other white husbands out there share: the desire of wanting to see your wife in the arms of a black man. I know, that’s me being polite. Howabout I take the gloves off: you want to see your wife get fucked by a black man. Not just by any ordinary black man, but someone who’ll show her the true meaning of submitting to black cock, and the desires that it implies. You want to listen to the cries and moans of your wife screaming her head off as she gets fucked royalled by a black man. Or rather, by a Black Master.

You’ve been wanting this feeling for such a long time. You never knew it until recently . . . or in your case, you never understood how much the yearning was until you bought my Book of Essays, and started learning what it means to submit to a Black Master’s desires.

You want to be on your knees to watch your wife get fucked and owned by a Black Master. And then, you’d want for the Black Master to fill your wife’s cunt with his seed so you can get to clean it up? Am I wrong? Of course, I’m not. You wondered in that first letter I wrote to you how it was I’m able to know so much about you. How I’m able to understand so much the hidden desires that you carry. You carry the same desires most other white husbands out there have on their minds, regardless of status or place of residence.

There is the hunger, the desire that’s inherent in most white husbands out there for the need to watch themselves and their wives submit sexually to a Black man’s domination. Even you are well aware of that, as you mentioned previously that you’ve already been seeing yourself become more acquiescing to even your black subordinates at your work office. I’ll bet you as well would want nothing but for one of them to blackmail you into letting them come into your home and fuck your wife for you. However, that won’t be necessary. You seek for means of getting your wife to agree with your desires, and that was what attracted you toward following me from the onset. I can teach you of how to go about such, but you must know that once you travel down this road, this is how it’s going to become for you. There’s not going to be any turning back. You will submit yourself to me, and me alone as your Black Master. You will ensure, when the time is right, that I become acquainted with your wife in your home. You will prepare your home for my coming to stay, see to my comfort, and ensure that I spend as much time with your wife as possible.

In the meantime, I want you to write to me saying that you willingly accept everything I’ve said, and you look forward to the day when I will be introduced into your home, and thus bring you and the wife into my fold.

It is essential, in the near future, that more and more white wives will become sex slaves to Black men. They will want nothing but to enjoy submitting themselves to the sexual demands and wants of Black men wherever they so happen to find themselves. The same goes to white husbands like you.


Master SHANGO.

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