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The Suburban Wives Club (Novel) - excerpt

Here's an excerpt from an upcoming novel of mine titled: THE SUBURBAN WIVES CLUB. Enjoy!

There was a phone ringing in the living room of the Cavanagh’s residence down on Duke Street. Horace Cavanagh, 56years old, thinning gray hair on the sides with a smooth bald plate for a head was trooping down the stairs to answer it.

He was grumbling and cursing as he marched down the stairs. Not merely from the ringing phone but that he was attempting to button his pants as he came down. He went in the direction of the living room and adjusted his glasses on his face before picking up the phone. There was a bumping noise coming from above his head while he answered the caller. The noise was coming from the bedroom he shared with his wife of thirty-two years, Gail. Aside from the bumping sound of their bed hitting against the wall came the sound of Gail’s grunting voice as she was getting fucked by her lover. Horace had been enjoying the show watching them when the phone began to ring. The time was 07:07 a.m.

Horace spoke quickly into the phone, wanting to be rid of the caller so he could return upstairs before they climaxed. He listened to what the caller had to say then said goodbye before dropping the phone on its cradle. He stopped to sneeze before treading back up the stairs.

He’d left the door open when he walked out. Horace could still hear Gail’s cries climbing higher amid grunts, almost in sync with her lover. Horace walked in past the door and there was his wife lying under the black man who was busy fucking her. The man’s name was Ali, and he was a regular of hers. At the moment he had Gail’s legs hooked over his shoulders while he pressed his bulk on top of her. His buttocks came up and then slammed down on her hard. Gail exhaled grunting fits each time he drove deep into her.

Horace returned to his chair that was beside the bed and he unzipped his pants to beat off his penis.

Ali had been with them since the previous evening. Always whenever he came by, Gail makes sure he stays over the night and that was exactly what he had done, fucking her till almost midnight. Coming awake this morning, Gail had reached over to him and woken him up. She wanted another run of his cock before he left. Nothing felt greater than morning sex; Ali had been just as happy to oblige.

Gail practically lost her breath each time Ali thrust deep into her. His cock was thick and never failed to drive her feverish with near madness whenever he plummet her with it. He lowered her legs from his shoulder and came upright to be on his knees. Gail propped one of her legs against his arm and she massaged her pussy folds while his cock slipped in and out of her. She squeezed her face and groaned through her teeth as she felt him taking her toward the precipice of climax.

Ali pulled out of her and turned her over to be on her knees. Gail grasped the headboard and pushed her buttock backward while he rammed into her hard. She gasped uncontrollably from the hurt and ecstasy he fed into her pussy.

“Fuck me, Ali! Fuck me like I’m your best fucking whore!”

Ali grabbed a fistful of her red hair and yanked her face upright. He slapped her butt with his other hand, grunting hard as he fucked her hard. Their rhythm shook the bed; their grunts and moans seemed to merge like a synchronized recording. Horace came to his feet and his pants fell down his thighs while his hand dexterously kept stroking his shaft.

The moment came while Ali tensed and exhaled a lengthy guttural cry. He yanked Gail’s hair harder and she, too, groaned aloud as she felt her lover fill her pussy with his rich cum. Gail was still massaging her pussy furiously and she, too, achieved her own climax seconds later while Ali was still shaking more cum into her. Horace leaned closer to the bed and observed his wife’s pussy leaking with copious cum. That was another aspect why she loved having Ali in her bed. Besides having a huge cock, he was always a copious cummer.

Ali pulled out of her and collapsed on the other side of the bed, breathing heavy. Horace knew that now was his moment. He struggled out of his pants as he came on the bed and pushed his wife to retain her position leaning forward against the headboard. He lay on his back and brought his face under his wife’s crotch. Cum leaked out of her pussy like a dripping faucet, falling into Horace’s open mouth. He let all of it run down his tongue to his throat and later raised his head to clean his wife’s pussy thoroughly. Gail eventually sat backward on his face and rolled her butt over his chin. She moaned while feeling his tongue licked every aspect of her stretched pussy.

“Ohhh yeah,” she sighed. “Lick all that pussy, cuck boy. Uhhh . . . you’re such a good pussy cleaner.”

Horace too moaned satisfyingly while he did his cleaning-up job. He wiggled his way out of his wife’s butt when he was done. He licked traces of cum off his lips and wiped his hand over his chin and licked more cum off his fingers. Gail turned over and lay on the bed and offered her husband her legs. Horace kneeled by the bed’s edge and held Gail’s feet with one hand while he jerked his cock with his other hand. He groaned as he expelled cum over her feet and toes. When he was done, he knelt by the bed and licked his cum off his wife’s feet. This was a typical ritual of theirs. As long as Gail enjoyed been a slut for black men, Horace was never to defile her pussy with his cum. Horace loved it and was willing to do anything for his wife’s love.

“Are you enjoying your creampie meal, honey?” Gail asked him.

“Very much, my mistress,” Horace replied while still licking cum between his wife’s toes.

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