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On Your Wedding Day

On Your Wedding Day

Every white wife wants to bask in glee on the day of her wedding. And why shouldn’t she? It’s unlike any other day ever in her life. It’s a day she’s never bound to forget. Her being escorted by her father, saying her vows along with listening to her future husbands’, accepting his ring and then sharing a kiss . . . after which is followed by them walking down the aisle together under a flurry of excitement and happiness coming from friends and family.

It is a day fraught to have plenty of memories. Especially for the new couple’s families there to celebrate with them. However, for a ‘Black-Owned’ couple that they as well are, the day carries more memories that are yet unfulfilled . . . but only for the time being.

What the newly-wed couple know and no one else does, is that they have a special visitor there in the ranks with the rest of their revelers. An inconspicuous Black man, or rather, their Black Master. The couple is a bit disappointed that he isn’t part of the hubby’s Best Man train, but no matter. They have a scheduled appointment to keep later that day.

The newlyweds depart from the church after the wife had hurled her bouquet of flowers over her head at her train of luscious Bridesmaids. They wave at everyone before jumping into the limousine that’s going to take them to their hotel where they’ll be spending the night and a second night before leaving for their Honeymoon.

They aren’t alone in the limousine though. Their Black Master has been sitting in there waiting on them and is just as happy for their marriage. However, their life as a certified ‘Black-Owned’ newly-wed couple is about to begin. And their Black Master is the only one to make their certain.

The wife starts by sucking her Master’s cock in the back-seat while the hubby sits back and watches. He unzips his fly and whips out his limp cock imprisoned in a shiny steel chastity cock-cage. He plays with it while enjoying the sight of his wife pleasuring her Black Master’s cock. He sits there knowing that later on, he, too, will get his turn of sucking his Master’s cock as well. The wife looks just as radiant in her wedding dress as she chokes down on her Master’s shaft; her husband thinks he’s never seen her as beautiful as now.

They arrive at the hotel and they make their way up to their suite. Inside, their Black Master takes charge of the scene. He orders the husband to strip, but and kneel beside the bed while the wife resumes sucking his cock. He, too, gets out of his clothes. The husband comes over and he and the wife then share cock-sucking duty.

Having enjoyed their double-whammy blowjob, the Black Master pulls away from them. The wife lifts up her dress so her husband can remove her panties for her. She gets on the bed presenting her butt to her Master who then comes forward and shoves his meat into her . . .

The Black Master fucks the wife every which way possible. He christens the newlywed wife’s pussy while her husband remains kneeling beside the bed watching. He marvels at the sight of his Master’s dick filling his wife’s pussy. He knows that as part of being ‘Black-Owned’ it won’t be his cock fucking his wife. He doesn’t know if ever, but knows that decision is up to the wife and her Master. No matter, he accepts everything and won’t ever step out of line to complain.

He watches as the Black Master cums inside the wife and waits till the Master is done pulling out of her. The husband ambles over to the bed and pushes his wife’s dress aside to clean his Master’s essence off her pussy. When the husband is done with his work, he turns and attends to his Master’s needs. He doesn’t bat an eye as the Black Master thrusts his cock down his throat and orders the husband to suck it.

This is the start of their Black-Ownership.

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