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One Cuck, One hotwife and One Black Master/Bull

A lot of hubbies want nothing more than having sexual gratification from watching their wives enjoy some hardcore sex with a black man. It’s only fair that they be given this, however it’s weird to state that this is something a lot of black men out there simply don’t get, don’t understand, or just don’t want to be bothered about it, and that’s why I’m writing this post to tell them otherwise.

If you visit a lot of erotic interracial forums, you’d see the same things that I often do: there’s plenty of black men in there, all waving their dicks like the place is some black dick gay parade, all of them itching for any white woman that dares to announce herself in there. I’ve got nothing wrong with that, but I often get to wonder: do this brothers think every white pussy is free??!!!? A lot of them have got nothing interesting to say besides: ‘want some black dick?’ Also, why do they always got to show their dicks first? How would I even know that’s actually theirs, or if maybe they lifted it off some black gay porn site?

A cuckolding relationship consists of three individuals: a cuck hubby, a hot wife, and the black bull/Black Master. To keep the synergy going, it involves all three getting along together. If one decides he/she isn’t getting the better end of the stick, then there’s going to be a lot of disappointment going on, and who knows where that could lead.

A lot of black bulls much rather prefer concentrating on the wife, and leaving the cuck hubby to do whatever, or even vanish for the picture, and that’s not cool. It’s never a good thing ignoring a hubby from the picture, or else, that relationship isn’t going to last. A lot of bulls might think that this is all about sex – fucking the wife and cumming inside her and then head back home and wait for the next white pussy to stray across their path – but I beg to differ. This is a relationship, as I’ve already said. Before starting, it’s good that every person in the circle get to lay their cards on the table and talk about what they desire to see happen in the relationship.

I like talking with hubbies and asking them questions about what they’d love to see happen. In other words, I want to know what their role would be in the relationship, as this too is something their wives as well would want to know.

Every hubby wants to be part of what’s going to happen to the wife. Yes, it’s all about the wife getting her pleasure, but it won’t be complete if the hubby is left out in the cold. It doesn’t matter if the hubby decides he doesn’t wish to be involved or not, having a healthy relationship with a hubby leaves room for better understanding with the couple.

Of course, it depends on the type of relationship the couple desire. If it’s one that involves more personal input, as long as they know it’s what they want, then its good they relay the information to the black bull who’s going to become a part of them. Every hubby wishes to have some sexual gratification in seeing the wife enjoy herself. If the hubby wishes to be a part of the game in any way, whether it involves cleaning out the wife’s pussy whenever her lover is done with her, cleaning and fluffing the bull’s cock before or after or even when he’s fucking the wife, or if he wishes not to be involves and decides to leave the room whenever they’re about to get down, it’s left for the hubby to decide which. In so doing, the hubby becomes comfortable with knowing his place, and its up to the black bull/Black Master to enforce this on to the hubby, should he ever think of straying from it.

It’s often hard for most couples to find a black bull who can appreciate this part of their lifestyle. I’ve received mails from various hubbies who’ve talked and complained about this, and it’s too bad a lot of black bulls tend to look at the negativity aspect of it by labeling such actions as ‘being gay’.

I’m not here to label anyone for being gay, or to judge anyone for any misappropriate actions or fetish lifestyle they might concoct as a reason to call or refer to them as gay. Bisexuality is a facet of life I seldom understand, and here is not the time or place for me to delve deep into that particular subject. Besides, with the way sex is getting blurry, it’s soon going to be hard judging anyone for something they don’t consider themselves as. It won’t be fair to judge any hubby who wishes to clean a bull’s cock as gay, because I doubt if most hubbies carry such weight on their minds when they indulge in such.

For most hubbies it’s the sexual gratification of watching someone take charge of his home, of his wife and everything about the both of them with almost no questions asked or reasons answered. It’s the excitement that harbors in their mind of wanting to see the wife holler from being fucked by a good dick. Of seeing her become a beautiful, sexually-open creature as she’s meant to be. The hubby, too, wants to share in that feeling of warmth the wife has lost herself in, and it’s the duty of the black bull/Black Master to fulfill his own desire of getting a taste of what the wife is having.

A lot of hubbies crave to be involved in this without being told or forced into it. They themselves don’t remember how or when the feeling actually came over them, to want to eat their wives’ pussy after it’s gotten swollen and being filled by a Black Master’s cum … but it nags at the back of their mind so much, they’re more willing to dive into it. It’s at this time a Black Master is meant to enforce the couple with the set of R.U.L.E.S., they’re to follow, as long as they’re willing to admit wanting his presence in their lives a second time…and more.

My advice to cuck hubbies out there is this: Know what it is you want, and don’t be afraid to tell the wife’s future lover about it. Whatever role(s) it is you desire to play, as long as it ensures a happy relationship, whether it involves you being submissive and endearing to both of them, never fail to let it be known to them. And for the bull, he too must learn to comply with what the cuck hubby and wife so desire.

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