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The Black Desire

Even now, as I’m sitting here writing this, there's loads of white men out there who still can't figure out the interracial mindset that's afflicting their women. And what's bad is that even their media houses tend to often downplay the sudden rise in white women wanting to be with Black men. Haven't you noticed that for most uppity white men, they much prefer it when it’s the white man who chases after the black woman? It's hardly about the black man having his way with white women. The stereotyped image is that when a white man goes about a black woman, it's for love; but when it’s a black man going after a white woman, it's for sex. Such is the underlying hypocrisy. But the hypocrisy merely does the opposite of highlighting the fervent reality of white women submitting themselves sexually to their Black gods.

The white man has always cowered in the catacombs of his fear that the Black man is a force that for hundreds of years the white man has no way of stopping or even controlling. Just when he figures that he's cracked the code of being able to hold a Black man down, whether through illicit forms of victimization, the Black man always comes out on top. And what's even worse is that the white man has no way of even controlling his own women from wanting to enjoy the Black man's mystique.

It's only right that you and other white women out there would desire such, too. You've been living a type of lie for much of your life that blinded you from you desires. That choose instead to keep you straight and narrow in your stereotyped fears the same way a lot of white men out there have lived. If you look through American history through the ages, you will realize that this has always been the case.

It's not just your body, but your entire being about you that is just as much attractive and irresistible to any Black man out there. It's this sense of irresistible vibe that captures me, demanding that I write to you every time, and that I make you become a slave. Most white women carry similar sexual vibe about them, and even their white men are coming to realize that they aren't the rightful inheritors to what white men desperately want.

Just as you long ago took this leap forward of wanting to give yourselves to Black men, so it is that more white women now are making that same leap, and they're doing it by the numbers. I'm not just talking about young white men, but older mature ladies as well. No age is appropriate for a white woman to discover what's been missing in her life and that she can't still lay claim to wanting to desire it. Hence it is why I don't put any age stamp on any hotwife. Doesn't matter to me is she's in her twenties or even in her sixties. As long as she wants to submit herself and everything else about her toward the upliftment and dedication of wanting a Black Master to take control of her life, then it's fine by me.

A Black man's sexual pleasure is something no white woman should ignore. Just as she desires pleasing him sexually, she knows, too, it's indelible in her to imbibe his essence that is his semen inside her womb.

Even now, as you're reading through these words of mine, you've no control over your body toward me. You can't stop yourself from wanting to become my Bitch-Slut, no matter how hard you might strive to resist my words, to resist my temptation. You want very much to drink from my cup of rich Black essence. the same essence that is responsible for you being the white woman that you are. Every white woman is the required Ying to a Black man's Yang. As you are to me, you know you can't ever be this way to another white man, no matter how hard he might try to woo your mind. It's good to know that the clouds of deceit no longer hangs over your eyes.

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