With You or Without You

I’ve been spending plenty of time chatting with your woman, cuck boi. I’ve got good news and bad news for your ears. The good news is simple: your wife wants to cuck you so she can become a Black Cock-slut. The bad news is she’s going to go ahead with doing it, with you or without you.

With you, or without you.

Doesn’t it remind you of that classic U2 song? And just like that song, doesn’t these same words bring some measure of anxiety and excitement pumping into your heart? It should, indeed, even though I know a part of you isn’t all too happy about it.

The fact is that you’ve awaken a sleeping giant in your wife. All this time you’ve been searching for an avenue to get her to agree with you on your lusty desires. Remember all those days you talked about how hard it was for you to even bring up the subject? So many times you tried yet she’d end up saying no?

You remember those times you used to run over complaining to me about how things just aren’t working for you? No matter what tactic you tried, it just never seemed to get through to her? Wasn’t it a big surprise when you found out things actually were working for you? Always I told you to keep patient, and now you see how things have worked out. Your wife now wants to cuck you all the way, and you’re happier than ever you could be.

It’s a good thing that you got that good news when you could. But like I said already, once you and your wife head down this road, don’t you be thinking that you can control her anymore. You might have been the one in the driver’s seat when you began . . . not anymore.

Don’t let it shock you much, cuck boi. You might not have prepared yourself for this realization, but I’m here to tell you what’s going to happen: Your wife is going to love cucking you more than you think she ever will. She’s going to love spending as much time fucking her Black Master/lover(s) even more than she can bare to look at you. That pathetic prick of yours is never going to come near her pussy anymore. Matter of fact, don’t ever dream of that happening. And even if you protest, her Black lover is going to emphasize on that.

Your duty, henceforth, will be toward keeping her pussy warm for me, her Black Master/lover, whenever I venture to come by, as well to carter toward both our needs as long as we’re together. I’m going to spend as much time taking her out to clubs and catching fun with her in various outdoor locations. Some of such trips you might come along, but don’t go thinking that will be all the time. Your white boi ass will be to mind the home till whenever we decide to return.

Don’t take all of this as sad news, cuck boi. This isn’t to say that you’re not included in this sexual journey alongside the wife. For most other black bulls, their main focus would be on her while you get to sit by the roadside neglected. But that you deemed it necessary to find a Black Master for her, then you ought to know that you’re in the same boat along with her. This ride is about the both of you, even though you’re in the backseat with her, even though all attention is on her. Your attention, too, is essential.

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