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A White Girl’s Preference to ‘BLACK-OWNERSHIP’

It certainly is a wonderful new world out there and we are witnessing the birth of a new era of young girls (and boys) who are choosing to completely embrace our sexuality and are willing to experiment with an open mind to explore our deepest desires not seen since the sexual revolution of the 1960’s! Although today’s new revolution, an Interracial Revolution, is spreading far and wide and with a passion unheard of nor witnessed before by a modern generation of people.

Understandably, that is because this era is seeing the prominent rise of the black man and his culture, philosophy and both physical and mental prowess! It is alluring to watch, it draws us in, captures our imagination and breathes new life into our tired old routines of the past. They can fill us with a sense of overall well-being, purpose, physical satisfaction and emotional contentment that many are sorely lacking due to our lack of sufficient exposure to their colorful world due to the harmful policies of segregation brought about by fear driven white men in past societies.

Today’s youth is no longer in the dark concerning these matters, changing cultural attitudes and the proliferation of the information age via the internet has helped increase awareness of new opportunities available to each of us, which is helping us break these paradigms and shift our focus towards a vastly superior way of living. Which is one reason why more white girls, boys and couples are considering entering into a new level of relationship, for example, one in which she becomes a hotwife, he becomes her cuckold, and together they experience a higher form of Bliss through forming a committed ongoing lifestyle with one or perhaps even more black men.

Our submission to black men is a gift to us, not a punishment nor anything to be fearful of, it is merely a form of us assuming our rightful place in Nature quite likely intended for us all along since the dawn of time itself. As in the animal kingdom, where laws of Nature dictate a pecking order with the Alpha males on top leading us in all areas of our existence, hence the ongoing rise we now are witness to, as black men assail the pyramid of life in so many different areas we are seeing everywhere we turn. They too are claiming their rightful place in this world as well, like we are in our association with them and in serving their varied needs whatever they may be, in exchange for our own improved quality of life thanks to their wise guidance and dominant leadership. This further explains why more and more of us are drawn to their power, why we yearn to experience the sexual rush of their company, and why we are desiring their companionship in a more developed form.

Becoming a slut for black men is a form of liberation for us. As the old saying goes, you get more when you give more in life. This is especially true in this relationship dynamic, I know from my own adventures which have clearly shown me the possibilities one can attain in this freedom. The deeper I delved into my own submission and the harder I seek to please my black lovers every desire and need, the more I am continually rewarded for my actions. As well, my husband experiences these same benefits from his proximity to me and in letting go of petty jealousy to instead enjoy the beautiful release I receive at the hands of my lovers. Everyone wins in this new modern relationship, it has greatly enhanced our marriage and most definitely strengthened our core relationship, in essence my being a slut for black men exclusively has made us a better couple, and we know it.

The next step forward in growing as a couple is to become Black-Owned. This is an admirable goal in life, something to work towards and build a foundation around as a couple or a family, encompassing all members in this bond. Many of us feel it inside, that unquenchable thirst, it’s constantly invading our thoughts, it seems to exist in that void many of us feel who have not yet achieved this enriching lifestyle for themselves. Simply surrendering to it is a path to leading a happier and superior life then traditional relationships of the past have been able to deliver most individuals, and since young people are far more progressive and adept at accepting change and are more open to exploring new adventures.

It only stands to reason that this is a lifestyle particularly well suited to those of this new generation. Today’s youth are reaching out to absorb all they can as they unleash their budding sexuality and are increasingly challenging the old ways of life, altering our collective paths as we evolve with Nature’s influence. Together, following these enlightened pursuits, we can all achieve the Bliss we so rightly deserve!

Cheers, JoJo :)

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