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Confession: My Life as a Fluffer

You can find the shorter version of this confession in SHANGOReturns! Vol. 3. For those who haven't yet downloaded that magazine edition, I implore you to do so, as there's a lot more inside that you'll enjoy.

Dear Master Shango,

The term "fluffer or up-girl' are actually old adult film terms that are currently used by Black Masters and Owners of white submissive women who serve in 'Black Breeding Session.' These sessions usually involve one or two young white women being fucked by multiple Black Men with the hopes of becoming pregnant with a Black Baby.

The purpose of the fluffers is not only to keep the Black Men aroused and hard but to act as hostess who serve food, drinks and keep the event running smoothly. A fluffer must also attend to the needs of the white women being bred, such as bringing them water and making sure they are clean and presentable to the Black Men. I served as a fluffer at three of such events about ten years ago.

The events were pretty much as you might imagine them to be: Black Men fucking white women hard, fast and without mercy.

In each of these events, there were always two white women being bred as well as two other older women who served with me as fluffers. I did not realize until my third event that these older women were actually the mothers of the women being bred. I was in my late 20's when I was involved with these events and these women were probably 10 to 15 years older than me. Each of these events had different white women being bred so the other fluffers were different as well.

In addition to "fluffing" the Black Men I and the other women were required to take care of everything else. We were driven to the hotel where the event took place by a Black Master known as Sir Derek. We would usually arrive at the hotel at least two or three hours before the event was to begin. The event was held either on a Friday or Saturday night from the hours of 8:00 PM to about 1:00 AM. Sir Derek would get two adjoining rooms for the event.

This is where things got interesting.

Before Sir Derek would leave to get the women to be bred that evening and he would confiscate all of our belongings; our clothes, shoes, handbags, and jewelry. We would be totally naked except for a colored collar and slippers. Each woman had a different colored collar. I always had a red collar. The reason for this was that we could be easily identified by the Black Men at the event if they wanted us to serve them. We were for the most part refereed to and called the red, green or yellow cunt. Sometimes the word ‘cow’ or ‘bitch’ would be used instead of ‘cunt’.

It would take some time for us to set everything up and by that time Sir Derek would be back with the women intended to be bred. Soon after that the Black Men began to arrive. It was usually some drinks and some food before the Black Men got down to business. It was not an issue for the Men to get hard prior to the first time they began fucking it was the second, third and even fourth time they wanted to fuck that required the "fluffer" service.

The number of Black Men at these events varied from as little as six to as many as ten men. What serving as a fluffer at these events taught me was my REAL place in the world of Superior and Dominant Black Men. I had never been so personally and sexually violated and abused as I was during these events, Sir. There was never a moments rest and no such concept as a "break or rest period". It seemed that every moment my body was being grouped, poked, fondled, fingered, slapped, pulled, pinched and molested at every turn. That wasn't including sucking Black Cock or being fucked as a fluffer.

I would be serving a drink to one Black Man while another was sticking his fingers in my cunt, pulling on my nipples or slapping my ass. It would not be uncommon for me to be bent over sucking a Black Man's cock while multiple Black Men fucked my cunt to stay hard. Often they would reach between my legs and rub my clit so hard and get me so excited. If I was sucking a Black Man's cock while this was going on, I would have to concentrate so hard so as not hurt the cock I was sucking and by the end of the night my clit was so raw and sensitive it was painful just to touch it. The other fluffers, too, got similar treatment as well.

When a Black Man had finished fucking one of the breeding women our job was to clean them immediately.

Sir Derek instructed us to take them to the bathroom to wash and clean their cocks and balls so they would be comfortable and ready when needed. Inevitably, the Black Men just didn't want us to wash them. They had us first clean their cocks, balls and sometimes their thighs with or mouth and tongue.

These events introduced to me for the first time to what I can best describe as full devotion of servitude for the inferior white submissive woman. On a few occasions was made to stand in the bathtub bend over while the Black Man put his cock in my cunt and pissed. I was absolutely mortified the first time this was done to me and I nearly broke down in tears. What a submissive has to understand is that urine is %99.9 sterile. The act of 'golden showers, drinking urine and in my case pissing into my cunt is much more of physiological, emotional issue that most humans find repulsive. I understand and accepted the act because I really had no other recourse. If I would have balked or protested I knew that Sir Derek would dismiss me from his service at once.

Service at these events were hard for all the fluffers, and of course nothing else should have been expected. But by far the worst experience I and the other fluffers had to endure was dealing with Black Women at these events.

At two of the events in which I served there was a Black Woman at one event and two Black Women at the last event in which I served. I never knew if these Black Women were girlfriends or wives of the Black Men participating, but that was never really the issue. The manner in which we were treated by these Black Women was brutal and vindictive. There was no sexual service ever given, at least on my part to these Black Women, but they were merciless in their physical abuse.

Being fingered and fondled is on thing but to have you tits held and slapped continually, your clit pinched, pulled and finger flicked without mercy was almost unbearable. I had my nipples pulled and twisted so hard I nearly passed out. I begged for mercy so many times but it seemed the more I begged the more ruthless and cruel the treatment. I can't tell you, Master Shango, how many times these Black Women called us worthless white cunts and fat and useless cows. One older Black Woman called me a "white cock and cunt sucking vampire who just wanted to make her Black Man weak and lazy". To this day I never really understood the mind set of this Black Women. My feelings were that these Black Women were resentful of us and thought we were trying to take their men away from them with our service as fluffers. I never understood that since there is no way these Black Women would ever debase or lower themselves to level of our service. Maybe you can shed some insight into their behavior Master Shango.

At the end of the event the fluffers spent at least an hour or so cleaning up the rooms while Sir Derek drove the bred white women home. When he returned he would inspect the rooms and once he was satisfied with our work he would allow us to shower.

Before we were permitted to dress and go home Sir Derek had one more ritual that most definitely cemented our lack of worth as white submissive cunts.

Once out of the shower all of us had to sit on the edge of the bed. We had to grab hold of our knees, pull back and spread of legs for inspection. Sir Derek would stand between each woman's spread legs and each woman had to recite the following words; "Thank you for allowing me to serve you Sir Derek and the other Superior Black Men tonight. Would you wish for me to service your Magnificent Black Cock with my white cunt'? Sir Derek's answer was always the same; " You did not work hard enough for the pleasure of my Black Cock". You would then respond " Thank you Sir Derek" and he would move on to the next woman. I must be honest, Master Shango, those words stung a great deal but that is what we had to accept. When this ritual was over we dressed and drove home, usually in an silence. I was so exhausted and drained I would sleep ten to twelve hours the next day and my body was bruised and sore for days after the event. I was so exhausted and drained I would sleep ten to twelve hours the next day and my body was bruised and sore for days after the event.

I would very much like your opinions and view points on this event as well as my service in this event. I can tell you Master Shango these events were an epiphany to me and in some way inspired me in my service. From this experience I created a acronym called P.O.S.T.. I teach this acronym to any woman looking to serve Black and if you follow the four simple words in this acronym any white woman should do well serving Superior Black. The acronym stands for Present,Offer,Serve and Thank. If a white woman can remember the word POST than she should serve well.

If you have any other questions about my fluffer service experiences please ask Master Shango. Take care and be well.

Your Bitch-Slut,


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