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Training a Mom & Daughter

For some, the thought of a mom and daughter sharing Black Cock together is the vilest reach of whatever might be considered taboo in the general public’s eye. Some might want to line it right next to being considered as incestuous. But that can only be farther from the truth.

The desire of more white women considering interracial mixing is growing ever alarmingly, even for those who seem to be unaware of its movement spreading. As older white women (Milfs, Cougars, and Mature wives) are learning to discover. What’s the thought that their daughters won’t, too, be involved in this already? The craving grows even stronger for a Milf-mom as she gets entrenched in her erotic desires of wanting Black Cock. The fact that she then finds herself in the arms of a capable Black Master who’s willing to push her toward the outer stretches of her desires, its inevitable that she would want to spread this desire toward including other women around her, whether neighbors, friends . . . and especially daughters who’re as yet coming of age toward becoming more intimate with their burgeoning sexuality.

The assumption would be seen as urban legend that moms don’t ever get to enjoy sharing this Black-Owned lifestyle with their daughters. For some, it might be true . . . but not always so. Moms are the perfect candidates to getting their daughters’ minds open & receptive to this lifestyle. Even better is when a mom gets hooked to a Black Master who’s capable of seducing her daughter and converting her into becoming a Black Cock whore, just like her mom is to him. For couples seeking a Black Master in their home, it makes for an ideal ground for the daughters to become well aware of the Black Master’s dominant presence to her parents, and for her to suitably acquaint herself to the erotic lifestyle her mom is especially enjoying.

More young white women (snowbunnies) are becoming faster acquainted with dating Black men. Some of it is even shocking to their mothers, and yet even their moms and dads can’t hide away the fact that they’re just as proud and happy seeing their daughters look happy in the arms of Black men. It’s only instinctual that a hotwife who’s already involved in the Black-Owned/Cuckold lifestyle would want to instigate her influence toward involving her daughter.

With the hotwife and her cuck-hubby’s assistance of commending a preferable place for their Black Master in their home, this would make things ideal that the daughter soon gets to become well aware of what the Black Master’s role is in the home. Even before then, it would be best that the mom and dad already find subtle means of encouraging their daughter toward this lifestyle by feeding her mind with enticing imagery or words that carter to such desires. The need to get her enjoying erotic books and even from there progressing toward finding interracial porn lying about the house can often be encouraging.

As time goes, the mom can then have heart-to-heart conversation(s) with her daughter about her secret lifestyle, and how even her dad is happy and content with it the ‘Nature of Command’ ongoing on their home. That would further seal in the daughter’s mind what her mom is instigating. Another means would then be for her leaving the door open for her daughter to watch her getting fucked by her Black Master. The more the daughter gets to watch and see how sexually liberated and happy her mom is with her lover, and the fact that dad doesn’t complain about any, it’s bound to entice her desires as well and for them to keep keeping it as a secret.

When the time eventually comes when the Black Master beckons the daughter to come see what she deserves, it will be almost like something she’d been wanting since. And with her mom prodding her along, everything is bound to fall into place.

This is one desire that more and more cuck-hubbies are dreaming about: the thought of their family becoming ‘Black-Owned’. And even for hotwives, there, too, is the growing desire of every female in their family going Black. Even if there might be a slim chance that not everyone in the family would want to agree with this, there still needs to be a beginning somewhere.


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