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What’s Scary about the Cuckold Lifestyle?

As much as more couples and even singles are attracted toward the Cuckold lifestyle and everything it entails, there are still hundreds of them out there who’re just as scared about it. Much has to deal with lack of information about what they desire and how they’d want their individual role play to be once the main activity begins. This fear exists not just for wives but more especially for cuck husbands, most of whom are yet unclear with what they want their roles to be, as well what bull to entrust their wives to.

Recently I posted a poll on my Twitter page (@mastershango) and asked the question: What Scares People of the Cuckold Lifestyle. A number of my followers casted their vote as regards to whichever foremost fear reigns in their minds, and you can find the poll review along with their precentage below:

  • 1. Losing Control - 24%

  • 2. Owned to a Bull - 18%

  • 3. Losing My Spouse - 29%

  • 4. Desiring More Sex - 29%

Each choice came about from my numerous discussions I’d have over the years with various couples far and wide. For the sake of this article, I’m going to make a dissection of each choice and give my enduring remedy. However, it should be noted that my remedy aren’t rooted in stone, so I hope none of you whom are reading this and intend putting my words to practice intend suing me to court if none of my choice works out well for you and your spouse.

1.Losing Control

Once a couple decide to want to submit themselves to the tutelage of a Black bull to coach and train them in the likes of establishing themselves in this lifestyle, the first thing they’re expected to relinquish is control. This especially applies to the husband who’s expected to forfeit his tight-handed hold on his wife and let her loose in her new-found lover’s arms.

It’s a scary notion, but exhilarating, too. Scary because (this is for first-time couples) it’s a unique experience for the hubby to relinquish whatever grasp of respectability he might have about himself, to allow himself be subjugated and humiliated into submissive stance by the Black Master, for him to realize that he’s no longer the main man in his home, and that even in the presence of his wife, his standing has dropped to a lower level where it must remain as long as he desires her to cuck him as much as she wants. And as her work is to ensure he retains his submissive stance under her, so, too, her Black Master, too, must enforce that dedicated desire into the husband’s mind, to make it delectable to him.

For most first-time husbands, this might seem scary. However, as long as they are dedicating themselves to a Black Master who knows already what he and his wife so much wants, and is capable of making their fantasy become a reality, then it should be nothing but a hurdle which with time they will get to benefit from.

2.Owned to a Bull/Black Master

What’s there to be desired about a couple or husband/boyfriend wanting his wife/girlfriend to become an owned Black Cock-slut to a Black Bull? And what if the husband, too, desires wanting the same as well? There’s plenty to be desired from this. The same, too, goes to singles as well.

For some husbands, the desire would be to find a bull with the thickest cock imaginable to come and fuck the wife. But what most husbands don’t realize that this is part of why some wives don’t relish this lifestyle: that they would be treated like meat by someone who’ll simply stick his cock inside her, ejaculate, and then that’s it for the day. Wives want to be desired by other men. For them to part themselves of their panties, seduction needs to play a key role in deciding that choice for them. It’s never about how big a cock a Black Bull might have, but how eloquent his seduction is at spurring her mind to relinquish its grasp over her body. Once a bull can fuck a married wife’s mind, her body is apt to go along for the ride.

But seduction isn’t just for the wives/girlfriends; it as well involves the husbands/boyfriends as well.

As a Black Master gets to work on the wife’s mind and body, so, too, his work is bound to seduce the husband toward becoming more entrenched in embracing his submissive stance alongside his wife. This might take time to achieve actual result, but as long as the Black Master is expected to assimilate his method into the couple’s heart and mind as well being as much a part of their home, as they entrust him with their vulnerability of becoming a certified cuckold couple, there’s bound to be plenty of positive results. This sort of process would be lacking if the husband instead throws his wife out to whomever would want her, and with neither being unaware of whatever dangers might come the wife’s way, I won’t choose for any couple to go this route.

3.Losing My Spouse

This is one fear that preys on most couples’ minds. Not just the husbands but the wives as well often get this fear that once they journey down this path, there’s lots of indication they might get lost in their desires and want to elope with their lovers. I’m not going to act clueless in saying that this hasn’t ever happened before. I have met numerous men and women whom have fallen prey to this fear. Whether they feel chagrined about it, or had suspected that it was inevitable is up for discussion another time. The fact is that it’s real, it does happen, and I won’t state anything contrary that it doesn’t.

Does that mean it should damper couples from venturing into this lifestyle? No, I don’t think so.

The Cuckold/Black-Owned lifestyle is an adventurous journey on its own. It’s got its ups and downs just like anything in life is. There will be moments of doubt on each person’s mind as regards to whether to carry on or not. It will become more evident is the wife’s lover is an uncompromising fellow who neglects the husband’s presence in the circle. For some bulls, their attention is often pressed upon satisfying the wife so much that the husband gets left out in the cold. This, sometimes, can be a result of how the couple unanimously wants the lifestyle to be for them. If the husband desires already not to partake in any of their activity, should he already have relinquished control to his wife, letting her carry on with her lover however she wants, then such sense of separation shouldn’t be seen as unexpected in future. But that’s not to say that it might.

Is there a wiser choice? Yes, there is. That the wife and husband both dive into this lifestyle holding hands, both of them open to each other about their respective cuckold desires, and then find a suitable Black Master/lover who will uphold their desires and not drive a wedge between them. Often its hard finding such suitable lover for the wife, but it’s nothing that trial and error can’t be able to wean through. As long as the couple are sure about what they want and how they want it to be for them.

4.Desiring More Sex

How much Black Cock fucking is enough for the wife to enjoy on a daily basis? Hard to explain or understand, especially for most husbands who yet haven’t relinquished total control over the wife. And even for the wives, there, too, exits the fear of going overboard with their sexual desires.

As the wife continues to carry on with her Black Cock-loving adventure, she’s bound to experience not just one but multiple Black Cocks fucking her whether simultaneously, or individually, if she’s the sort who enjoys switching lovers. The husband might be unwilling to keep up with her insatiable thirst and it might then seem to him that he’s more than losing his wife. There needs to be a modicum of control. As long as the wife decides to align herself to a Black Master who will ensure she never strays too far beyond where there’s no coming back for her, this issue can easily be checked.

Beside these listed fears, there still exists hundreds of others out there, some of which can only known to few. There really isn’t any sure way of getting rid of these fears from couples’ mindset. The best thing would be to continue loving and trusting each other, as well to give some measure of trust to their specified Black Master/lover who will guide them willingly into the rich desires of this lifestyle as one.

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