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2016: Year of the Hotwife

It’s a New Year and I’d love to bid all of you welcome to it. It’s been another eventful ride for all of us. It’s unfortunate I’m not yet back in the States as intended last year, but let’s hope that for this new year things will happen that will change things.

The one thing I love about every New Year (and much of you can agree with me on this) is that it’s the one time where we get to rewind Time and start all over again. All mistakes and stuff that were left undone the previous year don’t seem or need to count anymore for us. From here-on, we can make like all our hang-ups of last time have been annulled. For those husbands itching to see their wives and daughters GO BLACK, now is the time to get to work fulfilling those dreams and making them become a reality. For those horny wives and single women (regardless of where you are in the world right now) who desire very much to become a Black Master’s slut, this is your year, this is your time to make your dreams come true. And for those couples seeking to become ‘Black-Owned’, the same goes to you, too.

Old fears should stay gone from the mind. This should be the year that more white women (married or single) get to become acquainted with their sexual urges and desires. 2016 is bound to become the year for hotwives: the year that more housewives become transformed into Black Cock-sluts, and their husbands to become their pathetic cucks before their Black lover’s eyes.

As more women all over the world are becoming more and more familiar with this lifestyle, they’re learning to shed all previous hang-ups they might have over it. Their husbands are learning not to be afraid anymore to confront their spouse and declare their cuckold wishes and desires to them. For the wives who complain plenty of times about their stubborn husbands’ resolve not to get involved in the lifestyle with them, their best bet is to take matters into their own hands and dedicate themselves toward submitting to a suitable lover who will unleash their innermost desires to the forefront.

The same thing as well applies to single white bois and cuck hubbies/wannabees. Just as you strive toward spreading the message of wanting your women to open themselves to being Black-Owned, so, too, you as well much open your minds to submitting to a Black Master of your choosing. Someone who will make known to you your innermost craving of wanting to transform yourself to become a sissy before his eyes.

Even though more husbands are getting acquainted with this new-found message that’s becoming in their lives, there as exists the challenge of not wanting to become stymied by the roaming eyes of society. Hence they need for the Black-Owned movement to spread from one white family to another. As more wives and their husbands begin to realize how much their love and desire becoming enslaved to a Black Master, how much they seek to wear their ‘Queen of Spades’ and ‘Black-Owned’ tattoos for the world to see, and even as the wife dares to venture further into her Black Cock Training experience of wanting to be bred by her Black lover, so, too, the husband will continue to luxuriate in the knowledge that he’s made the best choice ever in his life.

More husbands are coming to the reality of how strong this cuckold lifestyle has laid dormant in their lives. Of the numerous times the thought had glimmered before their eyes, only to be gone the next second. As much as they hide in the quietude of their homes, reading up explicit articles on the subject, watching countless erotic videos of white women being seduced and owned by black men, they so much crave to be there kneeling before their wife’s Black Master, begging to be allowed a taste of the Master’s essence as it drips out of his cock. Of wanting to imbibe the nourishing juice that will fervent his Cuckold thirst for today and always.

In this new year, more wives will get to discover their husbands’ secrets, and will be equally happy to wilt in their husbands’ delight of sexual pleasure. Call it a fetish if you want, but the Cuckold lifestyle is more than that. This is the new-found way for more couples to know what they’ve been missing for a long time. It’s the best way for couples to get to explore their submissive pleasure without fear or thought of what others might think about them. Nothing can take away the esteem pleasure of a hubby seeing his wife getting her foremost pleasure, listening to her cry out her Black Master’s name and begging him to cum inside her. And after the Master has climaxed, the hubby would be so keen to want to clean up his wife’s cum-filled pussy and thank the Black Master for it.

For those spouses/couples still seeking to communicate with me, or wanting advice, do get in touch with me as soon as you can. Whether through social media (Tumblr, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook,or Twitter), or write to me via my email HERE:

My New Year Resolution is to endeavor to travel back to the States (or the UK, if possible), to meet with a lot of you in person. My aim has been to raise an amount ($5,000 Dollars) that would be enough to get my travel visa renewed, as well pay my flight ticket. Till we meet, I will strive toward spreading my ongoing message through my articles, upcoming novels, and social media outlets.

I remain yours truly,

Master SHANGO.

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