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Letter to a sissy-boi #23 - Accepting Your Cuckold Nature.

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Don’t get things twisted, white boi.

The Cuckold lifestyle is never about husbands letting their wives go out and cheat on them. It’s never about wives getting so horny and unsatisfied by their husbands that they resolve to cheating on them. That’s not to say that these variables don’t exist, but that’s never the case about it.

The foremost mistake a lot of cuck-wannabe husbands are often prone to make is assuming that the only possible means of getting their spouse involved in cucking them is to somehow inspire her to go out and cheat. That's not to say that the method doesn't usually work; I'm not going to provide you with statistics to claim that they do so don't bother asking. For those husbands who often thing this method is best, good luck to them. But I would beg you to reconsider.

It's never about you forcing your wife to cuck you; it's about you suggesting the idea for her to indulge in it. Present the novel idea to her and then give her room to ruminate about it. There's equal chance that might abhor the idea at first. That's usually to be expected from most housewives, and she might even go for days not deigning to speak with you on the subject. In that case, don't try to force it to her. Give her room and let her think about it even if she admits to saying no.

However, there's one aspect you at least need to become aware of before presenting this idea to your know. And this is pertinent because she's apt to want to know about it. And that's for you to admit to yourself why you want her to do this in the first place. Whatever is/are your reason(s) for wanting your wife to cuck you.

For most husbands out there the reason(s) might vary:

- They're sexually bored and don't wish for the same boredom to befall their wives;

- They love the idea of seeing their wife in bed with a lover;

- They're too caught up in their erotic fantasy and wish so much to make this a dream come through for themselves;

- They've heard countless stories, gotten hooked on Cuckold porn, or have a friend or two out there whose wife is already cucking him;

- They just want to make it their sexual journey . . .

So many reason(s), and either can be one of yours. Whatever reason it might be, don't fail to own it and make sure you communicate this same idea across to your wife. If however your reason might be too much you feel for your wife to accept, then you're free to make up a life. But whatever life you come up with, don't forget to own it when the time comes to reveal it to her.

There will be instances when you wish for your wife's seductionto move on fast.

For you to desire finding an appropriate someone to come and assist you with converting your wife for you. To get her well seduced and on her way toward serving her lover. Find whatever appropriate means you can to quickly get your message across to your wife as regards to how serious you want this for both of you. Get her perfect sex toys, buy her exotic lingerie, erotic movies and explicit literature, and especially take her out to cosmopolitan places where she's apt to find couples like yourselves or women like her mingling with would-be virile men whom you feel would be the right choice to get her wet.

Inspiring your woman to cuck you is half of the work; the other half is about you learning to accept that this lifestyle isn't strictly about you but her as well. It might have begun with you, but it's ever an ongoing trait of acceptance that you must strive to imbibe.

For some husbands, they so much want this for their wife, but upon seeing it happen, their jealousy comes to the forefront. Remove such from your mind. Once the time comes when you get to hand your woman over to a superior lover, know that henceforth you have no first dibs on her. She's now her lover's property.

Should you consider Black-Ownership for you both, then learn that you including her are henceforth your Black Master's sexual property. Your mission would be to join her in pleasing your Master sexually and in whatever manner he deems suitable to dominate you both. Only then can you embrace your cuckold nature and become that which you truly desire - a sissy-boi!


Master SHANGO.

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