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The Joy of Watching Your Wife and Her Lover

I once posed the question on my Twitter page months again that states: Would you object to being there to watch your wife getting fucked?

It isn’t a no-brainer type of question, and I know it’s one that many would find most comfortable to arrive at an answer. But what is seldom asked is the self-awareness that comes with answering such question: do most husbands/boyfriends understand the reason(s) regarding why they would say yes to such activity?

There is an abject attraction that comes with voyeurism, especially when it involves a husband spying on his wife having sex (or if you want to be candid: getting fucked) by another man. Even more so when it happens to be a black man, as that usually evokes an immediate range of emotions from the readers of this article, and in the minds of husbands who willingly indulge in such activity.

There is the rush that comes for such husbands knowing their wives are at home with another man, or even better, that somehow she has succumbed to another man’s seductive temptations. She might be sneaky about it, and for some, she might even get away with her hubby remaining clueless about the relationship. But suppose she became forthright about it to his face?

What happens if she invites her lover to the house, lets her husband understand what was at stake in their marriage? What would be the husband’s reaction when she designates these exact terms: her lover is there to fuck her, to give her the ultimate sexual pleasure that’s eluded her all through her marriage. Her husband can either go with it or not; the choice is as such.

Most husbands would consider this as a usurping of their dominant will. How dare the wife to challenge him? To be the one who gets to determine what their marriage would become henceforth? And who is this so-called lover of hers? Why would she ever wish to discard her husband’s love to take up that of her lover?

There comes the wrestling stage, where the husband starts fighting with his desires: how bad won’t he love to see his wife responding to the wills and touches of another man. What bizarre amount of pleasure can this lover possibly give to her that he is incapable of producing? Is he a natural-born coward for letting another man take over his wife? Should he stand there and allow such occur without protest?

For the willing cuckold, such questions are oblivious to the wealth of desires sprung within him from realising how serious his wife is about making him into a cuckold. This is a heaven-sent directive, one that he would be eternally grateful for.

How long has it been since many husbands harbouring cuckold intentions have urged and persuaded their wives toward this line of indulgence? They have weathered through the bitter times when she declined to fall for such actions. Months have run into years, and for such husbands, many of them have practically given up hope of ever getting their wives to agree to give this a try . . . until now!

What qualities does the husband crave from watching his wife respond to another man sexually? As it turns out, plenty.

He gets to enjoy a detached point of view when it comes to watching his wife experience arousal as coming from another. Consider it like watching a porn flick, except, in this case, the star happens to be his wife. But unlike any category of porn, he is apt to get swept up in the enticing story of how his wife got to connect with her lover when he is not around to observe them. The action he enjoys from being a voyeur to their activity is only secondary to what they carry about in his absence.

The husband will be astounded and surprised by how driven his wife can become once her lover pushes her sexual buttons. Her lover would undoubtedly have discovered his wife’s hidden arsenal of eroticism that her husband had until not labelled as nonexistent. It surprises many husbands till this day how it is that even as their wives venture into the era of menopause, their sexual libido remains an all-time high should the wife encounter some valuable stimuli that awaken her sexual desires.

As a husband sits across the room and watches his wife open herself to her lover, as he sits there and listens to her wild, outrageous gasps, her searing cries and whimpers, he, too, gets to experience a psychosexual journey of unbridled arousal. It is a gigantic web of arousal that he can only cherish from a voyeuristic point of view. Everything he has previously envisioned of his wife becoming—a dirty slut, a cheating bitch, a horny vixen, and a loving housewife—all of these aspects get to merge into one snapshot. And that snapshot gets retained in vivid splendour in the husband’s mind after watching her getting fucked by another man.


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