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Thinkin’ About your Wife Pt. 1

When you wake up in the morning and see your wife smiling at you, don’t you often wish she was giving that smile to someone else other than you? Someone who’s just as special as you are to her? Maybe someone who’s even more special.

When you’re at work seated behind your desk, or over at your workplace cubicle, do you ever imagine what your wife might be up to back at home? When you make out time to call her to find out whatever she’s doing, do you press the phone hard to your ear assuming you’re hearing other voice(es) in the background?

Do you sit there imagining some Black stranger sneaking to your home when you’re not around, catching your wife unawares and making love to her anywhere inside your home? No, not making love to her, but rather fucking the shit out of her. Making her scream aloud his name, telling him how great he makes her feel and that you’re nothing but a pathetic wimp in bed whom she’d long grown tired of fucking . . .

Look at you!

Look at how pathetic you’ve become!

You no longer get hard for your wife anymore. Only chance of you getting hard is when you sneak out to watch hidden porn on your computer. Ones that involve strong Black men fucking the shit out of white women. Especially white married women; not young ones. You imagine that was your wife on screen. You imagine she’s in bed right now cuddling to her Black lover while you have no choice but to sleep on the couch or floor. It is a sad picture . . . And yet it gets you hard. You can’t stop Master bathing to it.

When the time comes eventually for you to make your confession to your wife, do you imagine her accepting it as true? Maybe not at first, but knowing you, it’s only a matter of time you get to reveal to her how much you dream of a Black man like me fucking her. Fucking her and making you watch!

Not only that, you want to show her that you’re learning to become a sissy-boi. You now wear her panties all day. You’ve already bought yourself a chastity cage, training yourself to get used to it. You visit porn sites a lot, especially sites like FetLife. You have secret Twitter accounts. You visit adult stores where you get to suck off Black men. You even have advertised pages of yourself on Craigslist, hopping for any Black man to call you up.

You wish for a Black man to own you as his slave. To own your wife as his whore-slut so you both can worship him always. You want a Black Master to own your lives, your home, bank account and everything that means you paying Reparation fees to him. You wish for your Black Master to fuck your wife and offer her to any Black man out there who needs white pussy to fuck. You want him to breed your wife, impregnate her with his seed and carry it to term. You want to serve Black men too: suck their cock and pray they fuck you like they would your wife . . .

Your wife will go crazy hearing you reveal all of this to her. But it’s in your nature to make this dream become a reality. Your life will never be complete until you do.

You were made to serve. Every fibre and nerve cells beckons you toward serving a Black god in your home. Of you offering your wife to him with joy and happiness. And letting him train you in the proper manner of submissiveness.

It’s high time you got to thinking about telling your wife the truth, cuck-boi!


Master Shango.

Kik: mastershango


Skype: dsoul60

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