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What's Your Slutwife Wearing?

Every wife needs to be ready for the day when she gets to welcome her designated Black lover/Master into her home for the very first time.

For most husbands, especially those who are fortunate to be there to witness such when it happens, the moment is usually tinged with High-powered emotion. The type of emotion most husbands would confess having not witnessed in their wives in a long while. The energy with which a wife can go about preparing not just her home but also herself to look classy and presentable to her Black lover should never be underestimated. Majority of husbands are aware of this too.

As the number of couples seeking to venture into the Cuckold/Black-Owned lifestyle keeps growing by the day, it often becomes quite a bitter struggle for such couples to find suitable Black men around their location who would be enticed towards taking the wives on as lovers. That number tends to dwindle even more when one factors the desire of the husbands who desire becoming active participants in becoming subs to the wife and her lover. A large number of Black men much prefer having the wives to themselves and often shy away from including the husband into the equation.

For the wives who are entering the lifestyle under the suggestive prodding of their husbands, they recognize the wanting of having their husbands present in the initial stage of their Black Cock Training. For such couples seeking to dive into this lifestyle together, it is an unusual struggle finding a Black lover who’s just as flattered by the husband’s desire of becoming a sub to him just as he would be to find ample inclusion of also dominating the husband in the presence of the wife.

When a Black lover/Master gets involved with a white couple, their declaration from then on should be towards honouring his presence not just as servants to his will but also as an invitation of making him become a part of their world. By involving him in their world they are then setting up the means of getting the quality experience not just of him pleasuring the wife’s sexual needs intimately and seductively, but as well impressing the hubby’s psychology with the attitude of humility to the Master’s will power over him. Most husbands desire some form of humiliation as they know its only going to help with uplifting the wife towards embracing her Black master’s standard of etiquette to meet his satisfaction.

Such means of satisfaction comes with the wife altering her mode of dressing to suit her lover’s taste.

The desire of a housewife is bound to change once she assumes to role of a dominant hotwife over her husband and as a sex symbol to her lover. Whatever type of outfit/clothing that formerly marked her as playing second fiddle to her husband is bound to change. This will all happen under her Master’s insightfulness as well some necessary input from her husband. Henceforth she should be expected to wear whatever is suitable to capture her lover’s eye, to make appear more wanting of his erotic attention.

Her Master might beckon her towards no longer wearing panties when in his presence, or staying semi-nude or nude all through when with him. Should they desire spending the evening outside, her outfit must showcase her inner wanton spirit that’s growing inside her. That wanton spirit that portrays her as a Black Cock slut (whether she is a Milf, Cougar, or Mature wife). The sort of outfit that presents the wife’s growing investment towards becoming her Master’s whore-slave. Same goes with her wearing the type of shoes that portrays her slutty attitude as she submits herself to whatever sexual demands to keep her Black Master intentionally happy.

Her change in outfit is a reflection of her desire towards pleasing her lover as well her husband’s desire seeing her become the hotwife to his dreams.

And not just that but as well to other wives/women around her, including her friends who are bound to catch subtle changes in her appearance as well attitude. However her Master wants to fuck her as she presents herself in her hotwife-type clothing is his prerogative. Her husband’s mission is to acquiesce to assisting his wife with acquiring whatever type of clothes to better reflect her sex.

The wife is expected to remodel not just her outfit but also to update her outlook: improving her hair style and make-up in ways that will make her feel even more attractive to other men who might happen to glance her way. Should she require any special symbolism to declare her new-found desire such as acquiring a “Queen of Spades” tattoo, wearing outfits or bracelets that showcase this symbol is as well necessary.

It might take some time for some wives to want to adjust to these changes, especially if she’s prior to that moment lived a somewhat closet, privileged type of existence. Her life as a hotwife is bound to supersede over her erstwhile life as a typical housewife who formerly never knew the range of sexual pleasure she was bound to get until she ventured into wanting to serve Black men alongside her cuck-husband.

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