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2017 Begins!

2017 Begins!

Plenty of couples around the world possibly celebrated the counting of the clock in each other’s company. Scaling down the ‘5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .” and then letting off the familiar scream of ‘Happy New Year!” A rather festive moment what with all the aches, pains and good times the previous year had to offer. But we’re in a New Year now and we’re moving forward with time. No point gazing backward or else one just might turn to salt.

Most couples spent that night surrounded by their families as well. But I know how most couples would have very much wanted it spent, especially the husbands. They would have loved watching the wife getting fucked and seeing her cum into the New Year is what. I know so because many a confessions I’ve listened to and that’s a fantasy that’s high on most couple’s list.

Everyone’s got a list of New Year resolutions, or rather, stuff they’d love to achieve for the New Year. If you’re a cuck-wannabe, then what ought to be No.1 for you is the desire of getting your wife to cucking you this year. And when I mean this year, I’m not talking about waiting till it is summer or even until the snow melts in spring. You want it to happen soonest, right now, even today – fuck tomorrow. You want to see your wife wearing her slutty New Year’s outfit, lying in bed with her Black lover taking charge of her body. And you’d love to come by and maybe play with her for a little while them leave them alone.

Plenty of husbands wanted this dream accomplished last year, but either they were too caught up in their fantasies or the fear of their wife turning down their request got them to backslide somewhat. Most are still trapped with not knowing how best to approach this subject with their wives. That’s one major complaint I’ve gotten from husbands months at a time: how do I get the wife to agree with my desire.

I’m going to be honest about this: there’s no efficient way of getting your wife to cuck you; there never really is. For some husbands, especially the lucky ones, they got to find out the unassuming way. They wife was probably cheating behind their backs and finally decided to come clean about it. Or she was already investing her time visiting cuckold sites and learning more about the lifestyle and realizing how much she wants it . . . or for a few husbands who’re just as deeply intimate with their spouses, and have probably ventured into swinging before, it was easy for them to propose the desire and met little resistance from their wives. But like I said, those are the lucky ones. You, too, might be just as lucky as they are. But for that to happen, then you need to fight for it.

So many husbands do want their wives to cuck them, no doubt. But their fear and timidity gets in the way. How best for them to realize the only way to achieve this dream is by forcing themselves out of their way. Ignore the fact that the wife might end up saying no – chances are she will at first – but leave her as much room to consider the question. Hence why my advice to couples is never to tell their spouses, but rather to suggest.

Suggestion pays better – it involves subtlety. Study your wife’s responses and try reading however she might see things from your viewpoint. Often it’s never about the words one uses but how well one says it. Reign in on your itching excitement and anxiety while you declare your desire to your wife. In addition to that, know why it is you want your wife to get involved in this lifestyle. She will want to know this; you owe it to her. Merely wanting to see her get fucked by a Black man is never enough, unless she’s already attracted towards the idea without you saying. Consider yourself as a salesman: perfect your pitch before making your sale.

For women, the words do matter, but even more, tone and subtext carry much weight than that. Exposing your mind to her out rightly would only force your hand into making her assuming you want her to go out there and cheat. That’s the one thing you should avoid. Suggestion allows her the freedom to make up her mind, to look at everything through different angles, weight the dos and don’ts, and especially nurtures better means of communication between you both.

The Black-Owned/Cuckold lifestyle is about communication. It’s about a couple learning to become more intimate with each other as well with themselves. Of knowing the extent of their sexual desires and not being afraid to desire more. As the means of communication starts with them individually, and then with each other, it transpires then to them finding a suitable Black Master/lover who will make their cuckold desires a reality.

But that’s for couples. For single women, or even Milfs and Cougars, now’s the time to come to terms with your erotic desires and understand what your sensitive mind is trying to tell you. You’ve been in want of a Black man’s touch for a long time. The desire has been building inside you for long. You love watching movies that feature Black men; you enjoy watching sports for the variety of Black athletes you see on TV. You love participating in gossip that involves your friends and their sexual habits with Black men . . . who says you can’t have the same?

2017 is the year more of you decide to go Black. For every white woman who goes Black, there’s a number of white bois out there who’re loving you for it. Be wild, and be brave and naughty with yourself. Submit to your Black Cock desires and know that it’s what’s expectant of you.

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