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Letter/Reparations & Submission

Letter from a Husband in Finland:

Good morning sir,

It is so liberating to read your Black-Owned Manifesto and realize what’s been missing from our lives. I can’t wait to be chastised with a cuckold cage and assist you in my own little way to breed out the white race.

I desire to become Black-Owned Submissive to my Black Master To love and honor his calling, Abide to his requests, whether in presence or distance Assist him with whatever means necessary to please him, And to know he’s larger than me in every way possible.

I recently made payment to you via PayPal, and I promise to do everything in my power to bring you to Finland and submit myself and my wife to you irrevocably and completely. Will do your every bidding and live honoring my Cuckold’s Pledge. My cock will be locked in a chastity cage as I witness you breed out my small part of the white race. I’m especially moved by your Reparations quote on your Tumblr. Please expand more on this.

— beartrap2

Black-Owned couples, or at least hubbies and even wives (this as well includes single white bois, whether old or mature), are expected to not just submit themselves to the lifestyle, but even include Reparation Fees. This is the white boi’s means of deeming himself toward becoming of service to his designated Black Master, as well toward everything that his Master stands for.

Just as a white boi sets off on his typical day to work, he must leave ingrained in the back of his mind that he’s now an owned property. Whether or not the white boi/hubby has decided to align/submit himself to a Black Master or not (which is what he should do promptly), he should understand that part of his life dedicated toward uplifting the Black-Owned lifestyle. Not just in his life, but as well toward involving all those around him. His wife, his family and friends, and even his co-workers. From the moment a cuck hubby/white boi decides that this is the life he wishes to submit to, and finds a worthy Black Master who will further train and entrench him toward achieving his submissive desires.

A cuck hubby/white boi should endeavour to learn as well accept every atom of tutelage his Black Master fosters in him. As much as his Black Master will be extending particular attention toward the cuck boi’s wife/girlfriend, the boi’s attentiveness must remain solid toward imbibing whatever demands either his woman or his Master need of him. It is the cuck boi’s duty to ensure the Master’s comfort for being with his woman. And should ever the wife isn’t around, the cuck boi should never let off from his submissive role at any hour of the day.

Whether at work, or at home, the cuck hubby should accept that his submissive lifestyle is an around-the-clock affair, and can only be let off during conditional periods of the Black Master and wife’s choosing. Just as I’ve already mentioned, the cuck hubby should endeavour to indulge his Master’s wants and needs, just as he would toward his wife.

A cuck boi’s reparation fees are his obligation of service to his Black Master. As well, it is his dedication of love and submission to the Black-Owned life that he is thus inheriting. This fee is as well inclusive of the wife, or of white women desiring a Black Master to train them into becoming their destined desire as Black Cock Sluts. And for those white bois wanting to become cuckold sissies, know, too, that this is the life that awaits you. Especially when you’re beside your wives as she enjoys her Black Master’s dominion over herself . . . as well you!



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