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Master Shango’s Property – Jamie’s Confession

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Slutwife Jamie's Cuckold Confession

I never knew I would be so in love as I am right now over someone. Today is Valentine’s Day and this is my confession I’m putting down on paper. Yes, I am a happily married man love with someone who isn’t my husband. His name is Master Shango, and its to him I am writing this confession to tell him how much I desire him in my life. My husband approves it, too.

You might think of it as crazy: to be in love with someone you haven’t yet met. Even more so, the fact that I’m already married. But that’s far from it. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my husband, and he worships the ground I walk on. But there are things my husband is incapable of satisfying for me. That is where my love for Master Shango comes in. We haven’t met physically yet, but we have exchanged emails and photos and I can easily admit right now that he probably knows me more than my husband Mike does. There are buttons in me I never knew I had before, or I once had but had gone rusty over the years. Master Shango’s words have alarmingly awoken them in me. This is me expressing my gratitude towards him for what he has done for me and intends doing.

Mary’s AddictionMaster Shango is from Nigeria. He writes erotic novels, some of which he says are based on his experience. He writes the sort of stuff you won’t find in ’50 Shades’. It’s all about horny lonely wives like myself being fucked and possessed by strong-willed Black men. One of his books which is a favorite of mine is “”. Mike bought it for me last Valentine’s Day as something to spice me up in bed. He never realized until later that he was setting me up for a life I would end up wanting . . . Or maybe he did it intentionally. I don’t know, and really, I don’t care. What I do know is that I was always sweating whenever I read that novel. I never wanted to stop. His words got me fucking my dildo at irregular hours. Mike and I seldom have sex anymore; I only allow him to eat my pussy and that’s it.

I grew obsessed about Master Shango and somehow I managed to find his Tumblr blog and got in touch with him. So nervous was I, I couldn’t believe I was actually making like cheating on my husband with someone I barely knew. Somehow, Shango got into my mind and I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Mike has corresponded with him as well and fallen for Shango’s spell. We have both declared ourselves of wanting to become a Black-Owned couple with Master Shango as our Master.

I know it sounds crazy, but really it’s not. Never before did I think a time would come when I’d want to cuck my husband, but Master Shango makes it seem possible. Even more so, there’s couples out there who, too, desire this lifestyle. I have declared to Shango to do whatever I can to inspire him with convincing other couples in our neighborhood in Chicago to convert to this lifestyle and become part of his harem of women. As a Black-Owned couple, Shango will have permanent ownership of everything we have. I want to see about making him become settled here in the US, and to make his Black-Ownership movement grow.

But that’s all for the future. What I very much crave is his cock.

I want Master Shango to come and live in my home and fuck me on a daily basis. Every hole in my body belongs to him. I want him to fuck me in front of Mike, in front of my neighbours, in every room in my home and outdoors as well. And especially, I want him to impregnate me with his seed.

Master Shango is travelling to the US this month of February; it’s too bad he’s not here to enjoy Valentine’s Day with me in my bed. But I’m looking forward to having him in my world. Hence my photos that I’m sending to him. I can’t wait.



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