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Letter to a Husband: I Remember Your Wife

18:40 p.m.

Hi there, cuck-boi,

It’s been weeks since the last time we spoke to each other. I don’t know if you still remember me, but I do of you. I even have your phone number. I know how expensive it must be to accept a foreign call, which is why I’m writing you this letter in the hopes that you get adequate time to respond before the week is over.

It is currently the start of spring. By the end of the month, hopefully, the snow would have stopped and begun melting off the ground. That would be the best time for me to start making plans for my upcoming trip.

I will be arriving in the USA come the first week of May. My visa has been long approved, I’ve got some money in my pocket, and I’m coming with a box of condoms, before I get packing for the flight. I’ve been away from the States, and I intend making a splash this time around. Yes, I’ve got pussy in my mind. Nothing but white, creamy pussy, and I want to start with your lovely wife, Caryn.

I do still remember your wife, cuck-boi. Sure, it’s been years since my last trip to the USA, when I got to spend quality time with her, but I haven’t stopped thinking about her. I still remember grasping that thick booty of hers lurking underneath those thong panties. Does she still wear those?

In your previous letters, you mentioned that she had been lovesick since I left, and that she hasn’t responded kindly to other bulls’ advances. That’s quite unfortunate; it would be good to renew acquaintances with her again.

Even as I’m writing this letter, I still remember the caress and feel of her booty rubbing against my crotch, including the feel of her thighs pressed against mine when we danced in that night club at the West Lake Resort. Do you remember the night club? You sat and watched us rock and groove, and the we finished our drinks, went out into the parking lot, and then I got to fuck her in the backseat while you drove us back to the hotel.

Florida is a long time ago. I have bottled up images of our quality time together, especially the plentiful hours spent fucking Caryn in your suite. I love seeing your wife in her fishnet stocking, also any of those hotwife panties and outfit she would wear whenever we went out to the beach. You know, those thick panties that cover her ass but show off her outline, especially whenever she bends forward. I used to observe the faces of other couples who’d glance her way. The men, I could almost read their minds, it’s like they would have wanted her to take the place of their wife.

Caryn loves to show off. Do you remember the time I made out with her when we rode the elevator? She couldn’t wait to whip her titles out for me to get a good feel of them. We were caught up in our kissing when the doors opened and two mature-looking white women entered; I noticed one of them looked genuinely startled when she realised what we were doing. It's a good thing that Floridian women know how to mind their business. Maybe it’s because they’ve seen too make weird stuff in their city; or maybe they wished their husbands would do the same.

They wish they had a man like me doing such to them like I did to your wife in their presence. No woman is above desiring seduction, even if it comes from a stranger. That makes things even better, since their husbands have long been out of practice.

Caryn couldn’t wait to get out of her pants when we got to the suite. I nearly ripped her panties off when I bent her over the furniture and spanked her butt. That was merely to get her further aroused, even though she knew what was coming. Her hand was grabbing at my crotch, and she could feel my hard-on wanting to escape from my jeans. You remembered your place, and I commend you for that, cuck-boi; a good cuck should always maintain his distance when it comes to allowing his wife and her lover get the best of each other.

I do miss fucking your wife’s pussy as much as I miss the feel of her mouth whenever she gets down to sucking my cock. One great thing about Caryn is that she never allowed me to tell her to do what was needed—she knew I loved having my dick sucked every morning the instant I awake. There was times when that was how she got me to wake up. I would have having the loveliest dream, and then I’d get this warm, funny feeling suddenly washing over me. It felt like I was floating in a pool, enjoying the warm water while the sun’s heat fell on me.

Yes, I do remember the heat. It was that same heat I felt when my eyes opened and there she was, kneeling beside me, working to get my dick hard in her mouth. Her pussy was already wet, as she’d been playing with herself before my senses came alive. Her pussy always felt good in the morning: eager to fuck and always urging me to cum inside her.

You know I’ve always cherished you and Caryn, and the fact that you’re both willing to host me whenever I return to the USA; it’s unfortunate I cannot stay longer than my visa would allow. I hope you have continued to correspond with other cuckold couples looking forward to my arrival. You need not worry about Caryn, as I know she’s bound to pull out of her funk once I’m there.

My plane will be arriving in JFK Int on May 8. I’ll be heading first to Tennessee, to see about an old friend there, after which I’ll be free to meet with you both. You can make it over to Tennessee, if it’s possible, unless you would prefer me coming to you. We’ll have to arrange that before the day arrives.

I look forward to hearing from you until then.


Damien Dsoul aka Master SHANGO.



My scheduled trip to the States is happening on May 8th, which means I’ll be arriving JFK Int., and the onward. This something I’ve been looking forward to for some time now. If any of you would love to meet, leave me a note/message.

Twitter: @DsoulDamien

Telegram: @Damien1Dsoul

Kik: DamienDsoul.

WhatsApp: +2348128715311

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