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A Husband’s Inadequacy

Most husbands can't deny the urgency of watching their wives get fucked . . . especially when seeing another man make her cum in ways that he can't. It humbles his mind towards accepting his diminished role in his wife's eyes of no longer being capable of satisfying her sexually. And this is something every cuck hubby wants so much to feel.

As furtive as the urge might be when it initially starts setting off alarms in a husband’s head, once the idea is in place, it attains a perplexing fast-growth that he simply can’t ignore. Or should he be lucky to ignore it, it’s seldom for a longer period of time.

The urgency that afflicts most husbands desiring to want to see their wives assume the sexualized role of a hotwife is bound to multiply alarmingly to a point where most husbands are apt to question their sanity. Most men would love to consider such thought as an anomaly or standard reasoning. Whatever would be afflicting them to the point where they can’t seem to deny themselves the excuse of wanting to imagine their wife/girlfriend locked in the arms of another man? A man who’s far capable of seducing and dominating their wives in ways that they can’t?

The quest towards resolving this urgency is bound to manifest itself somewhat upon the husband’s physicality. As the yearning desire becomes a most precious thought, for some husbands, it is surprising that they’re able to function in the normal world. Or that they still retain the essentials of a loving husband, when in actual fact they’re well on their way towards losing that masculinity they thought they’ve always had. They instead come to face the reality of just how inadequate they are in terms of giving their wives/girlfriends fulfilling satisfaction in bed.

Does the realization come as a shock to some husbands? Yes, it does. For some, however, it provides a summation of answers to questions that had long plagued the sub-consciousness of their thoughts for long. The fact that though they very much love their wife and would do just about anything towards being a loving provider for their essential needs, but where it comes to sex, they have always been lacking in that aspect.

Seen under this new perspective, the idea of the husband submitting his wife to a credible lover becomes a sublime alternative to heal the discord that’s wrestling in his heart: of finding a suitable lover for the wife. But not merely one that’s suitable, but as well a hopeful dominant over her.

But does it end there? Not exactly. The suitable lover should as well be willing to dominate the husband.

By dominating the husband, he gets to remain settled in his submissive state of mind that the only measure of letting the wife enjoy the best sex is when he is out of the picture. His sense of masculinity will inevitably shrink in size as compared to her lover’s super-nova sense of presence. Should the husband be kept present to watch his wife submit to her lover’s sexual willpower taking over her body, it equates to her husband assuming his role of weakness before her presence.

More and more husbands are coming awake to the realization of this desire, this entitlement that has befuddled them for decades. This submissiveness that craves them to the realm of worthlessness. As they become more enlightened to its richness, to understanding that only in acknowledging their pathetic approach of inability to sexually pleasure their wife, as they learn to put their wife’s sexual needs and pleasures before theirs, knowing that she deserves to be the sexual property of someone besides him, so, too, their inadequacy welcomes them to more expectant pleasures yet to come.

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