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Once is Never Enough

This is for those couples who have succeeded in getting their wives blacked.

Do you remember the first time it happened? The first time your wife got fucked and her lover of the night climaxed inside her? Were you elated, awed, and satisfied at the same time?

For some husbands, such moments come as a surprising shock. Not to something they haven’t wanted since, but that the moment arrived when they actually got to bear witness to it. All those days of prodding the wife to go ahead with this and here it has finally occurred. It would definitely feel like the greatest dream ever to come through. When you, the husband/boyfriend, get to sit back and watch the bull’s rich cum spew out of her cunt to leave an imprint on the sheets. And then to see the look of lust still reflected in your woman’s eyes . . .

Such a night should never be forgotten. But after that moment has passed comes time to face the inevitable truth: how bad would you desire this to happen a second time?

Having your wife become a black man’s sexual property isn’t often a one-time affair for most couples. As a husband, this is like taking as much cocaine or other form of illicit drug in your system. And even when you’ve taken a high dosage, it is never enough. You can never be satisfied with just seeing your wife succumb to your black cock fantasies just once. No, white boi. There is no such thing as a one-time thing in a cuckold relationship.

As a husband, you are expected to utilize whatever amount of time, patience and effort you can muster towards enticing and suggesting this lifestyle for your wife. For some husbands, the feat might even be an easy one to cross. But those are usually a small minority. For the majority that’s out there, especially for those who have yet found a means of cracking their wife’s adamant texture, there’s going to be much work to pour into this.

No way are you going to want this to be a one-time thing, what with you finally breaking through to her agreeing to do this. To see your wife engage with another men in bed, to watch how happy she is getting his cock inside her, to imagine that you are there prodding her along . . . yes, there’s bound to be immense relief, but this is where the going gets a little tougher.

Your future role as her cuck would be to make sure she becomes more adjusted with her desires. As well to make her understand how much you mean for her to have all of this. Her lover, too, would play an important role and making her feel more comfortable with wanting him a second and a third time. As it is with practising for a sport, so, too, the wife must continue to indulge in submitting herself to her lover’s whims and wants.

Matter of fact, once you and your wife have crossed out such achievement on your checklist, it would be best you let her keep having it as successive as possible. Have her lover become as close to her as a pair of hand gloves. He should become a regular feature in your home. She’s going to want as much fucking from him as possible so she knows who the new man of the house is. The man whom you’ve always wanted taking care of her in bed sexually.

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