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A Good Husband

“Honey,” my wife, Eva, calls out to me as she comes out of the bedroom looking half-dressed for the evening. “I need a little help with this.”

The help she wants is to clip her thigh stockings for her as she is busy fixing her ear rings.

“Sure, darling,” I say before racing towards her air, neglecting the Netflix movie I was watching. I kneel before her and fix her stockings for her while she stands still, then examines my handiwork. “All done,” I said.

“Hmm, thanks, hon. You’re a genuine lifesaver.”

“Is Rex coming to pick you, or are you going to him?”

“No, I’ll be going to him instead.”

Eva returns to the bedroom and I follow her. I watch as she slips into her skirt and buttons her blouse. She dabs some perfume on her neckline and wrists; it gives off a sweet, aromatic scent that’s sure to entice her lover in bed. I go to her shoes closet and choose the perfect pair to match her outfit. I kneel before her and slip her feet into them.

“Thanks, babe,” Eva says. “I doubt if I’ll be back tonight. But if I will, don’t wait up for me.”

I take her hand and we walk to the front door where she then kisses me, then says goodnight before walking out into the night.

I stand by the doorway and watch as Eva gets into her car. She starts her car, then waves and me and blows me a kiss before reversing out of the driveway and soon she is gone. I shut the door and return to continue the movie I was watching.

It is a twenty minute drive to her lover’s apartment; I’ve dropped her off a number of times there, so I know. Rex will be there waiting to receive her. He called me hours ago to politely let me know that he and Eva have a date tonight and wanted to know if I was OK with it. Of course, I was definitely OK about it; as long as Eva was going to have herself a good time with him, why not?

I consider myself a good husband to my spouse. Society might not agree, but they aren’t the ones that get to run my marriage for me. When I say society, that as well includes my extended family, including Eva’s, and several of our friends who are well aware of our newfound lifestyle. Yes, I have suffered through the brunt of their excruciating talks. I have even gotten a call from our church pastor who talked about us living a sinful existence. Whoever got to tattle our business to him, I have no idea. I was solicitous enough to thank him for his concern before hanging up. That occurred two years ago. Eva and I haven’t worshipped with the flock since then.

Yes, some out there will look at me and think I am insane. Who am I to blame them for having an opinion; but I am not the sort to be a prisoner to their feelings. Eva and I have been married going fifteen years. We are as in love with each other now than when we first learned about this lifestyle. If anything, my one regret, now that we are in our forties, is that it took us this long to be aware of this trending way of life.

It certainly is trending out there. You needn’t be too aware of it unless you learn to adjust your sight to what lurks beyond the periphery.

Now more than ever, plenty of husbands out there like myself wish for one important thing: the need to see their wife seduced/fucked by another man other than himself. For some husbands, such wish has long already come through, but those are a mere handful; the majority out there are still hoping on a dream. They are right now searching for means of achieving the impossible. The impossible involves getting their wives to agree with them on taking a chance on this lifestyle.

Was it the same for me and Eva? I would say we had our ups and downs when we first decided on this. But we were able to mend through it all, and we have a steady support system regarding the man whom she chose for her lover, Rex. He never oversteps his boundaries, nor does he ever push Eva into venturing into any territory she might be reluctant to try. However, there are times when even I consider him way too polite and soft.

Yes, I’m not ashamed to admit that there are plenty of times when I expect him to have his gruff way with us. He needn’t apply any time of strong-willed force, except make it known that he’s the alpha-dog and that as long as Eva is with him, it is he that is in charge of her.

But maybe I am overreaching here. I have been consuming way too much cuckold literature and the images and words have seduced my mind into wanting more. Maybe that is too much to ask, but I often imagine myself bowing before Eva and Rex, and asking them to humiliate me while they make love to each other.

Again I ask, is that too much to ask?

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Allow me to delve into the reaches of my thoughts as I conjure up images of what their night is bound to resemble. No doubt, Rex is going to welcome her into his arms, take her out for dinner (if they have that planned out already), then return home and proceed to have sex with her. He would gingerly strip her of her clothes, but have her retain her shoes. He’s going to fuck her in her shoes, and along the way, rip a role in her stockings.

Will she allow him to climax inside her this time around? He hadn’t done so last time, I remember. But last time had been an impromptu affair. If Eva spends the night with him, then he’s likely going to nut inside her. The thought of that compels me to lick my lips in anticipation of eating her pussy when she returns home.

It’s only unfortunate that I won’t be there to watch everything.


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Eva should get her husband to crawl back and forth with increasingly sexier knickers and bras, try them and reject them until her drawling hubby agrees that Rex will prefer the last ones. She should plead with Rex that she would like to see her husband kiss and suck her toes and lick her feet while they make love.

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A good husband understands superiority

Mi piace

This is how every white cuck should be.

Mi piace
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