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Confession: How a Hotwife Treats her Cuck

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

David, my husband, told me one time that for him, the most challenging cuckold experience was when I would invite a guy over, and instruct David to go sleep in the guest room, with the door open - with his little dick locked up. 

I’d leave the door to the master bedroom open as well, so David could hear us fucking. I wanted him to hear it.

He said it was always a much more intense experience for him to hear us fucking, than it was whenever I went out on a date and stayed out all night, or when I allowed him to be in the room and watch us fuck. He said it was even more intense than when I made him give the guy a blowjob.

The combined noise of the guy fucking me in the next room ratcheted up his cuckold angst into the red zone, especially if he didn’t know who the guy was.

Sometimes, when the guy came over, David would answer the door. That happened sometimes if one of my regular Bulls dropped by without calling first. David knew what they wanted, and it would immediately put him into sub space.

Some of the guys would mess with his head, and say things like: “Where’s my bitch?”, or some variation of that. They had little respect for David, and often showed it. 

Those were the guys who had 24/7 access to the “marital pussy”, as I called it. They knew they could come over to fuck me whenever they wanted.

But most men would call first, and on those occasions, I’d answer the door, and David wouldn’t know who the guy was, and never saw him. He’s already be in the guest room.

Sometimes we hang out in the great room for a while, or outside by the pool, or hit the hot tub. Other times we’d go directly to the bedroom.

They were times when the guy knew that my husband was home, and was in the guest-room. But sometimes I’d tell the guy that my husband was out of town if I wanted the guy to feel like he could do whatever he wanted with me, and not worry about whether my husband was around. With some men, the fucking experience would be better if they thought he wasn’t around.

But David, of course, could hear the guy fucking his wife, and could always tell from the sounds if the guy was taking me anally. Sometimes, David would wake up to the sounds of us fucking in the middle of the night. Sometimes, he’d hear the guy banging me in the morning.

The ritual was like this: I would send David a text message after the guy left. Something like: “He’s gone, sweetie. My cunt is filthy. I need you to please clean me up. He sweetened it up for you really good.”

Sometimes I’d tease him, and tell him how much I needed him to come and lick out my ravished pussy and suck out and eat all the semen so I wouldn’t get pregnant. 

“Get your tongue in deep, sweetie. You need to get it all out. You don’t want to have to explain to your friends why your wife had a black man’s baby, do you?”

On those occasions, David’s penis would always be locked up. His little dick trying to get hard and straining against the cage all night. He described the feeling like the chastity device was trying to rip his balls off. It was extremely painful and uncomfortable for him. Even worse if the device I put on him was one of the larger cages. The smaller cages were actually more comfortable for him.

Depending on the circumstances, and my mood, sometimes I’d release his penis after he was done, and let him have pussy.

Sometimes, I’d order him to prepare his bitch hole for me, and I’d fuck him with my strap-on. I thought that was always a beautiful way for him to start his day, and go to work… after a good hard ass-fucking.

Other times I’d give him a blow job and let him cum in my mouth, or give him really good hand job or a foot job, and let him ejaculate all over my feet and toes. Which afterwards, of course, I’d require him to clean up after himself. It was always rather odd to me that he actually had a more difficult time licking up and eating his own semen than that of another man.


Tiffany S.

Houston, Texas.


All photos are from the creative artwork of SAMAREL EROS. Follow the link and chek out his erotic work.

The Confession wasn't mine, but you get the idea.

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I wouldnt go into another room. I think the cuck husband should watch his wife fucking the black bull. Also I would never wear a cock cage either. I think the wife seeing her cuck hubby jerking off watching her being fucked by a black bull would help turn her on even more which makes her wanting to please her black bull even more. The husband gets pleasure seeing and knowing his wife is getting the pleasure she needs and deserve. The bull is also more aroused knowing the cuck hubby is watching and jerking off his small pale dick from him taking his wife in front of him and cumming deep in her pussy. So all parties involved are…


Thank you for sharing your story.

We have a similar lifestyle. Black Master comes announced or unannounced. If cucky does not have to "hide" in the guest bedroom he doesn't get any respect from the Black Masters either. Frankly we prefer the unannounced visits. It shows us that we are a black owned couple and we are used for their lust and pleasure.


David Sissy
David Sissy
Dec 07, 2023

My namesake is lucky to make his cuckold fantasy come true in the best way possible: In his own home. In my case there is still time for this to happen, but it will come...


I enjoyed reading your story and imagining the times I've been in the guest bedroom or living room couch, listening to my wife beg and moan for his big cock and cum. Personally, I enjoy the self discipline of wanting and needing to jerk off, but being able to make it through her fuck sessions without touching myself. Although painful physically, I've learned the pleasure in giving her to men and the associated sensory stimulation can be fulfilling. I love how it makes me feel included, but yet I'm not feeling quite as defeated as I used to feel when I tried, but failed to please her with my small dick. Thanks again for the story. I'm anxiously waiting for…

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