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A Good Marriage

What does it take to be a lucky husband in a cuckold marriage?

I returned home from work one evening to find a black man in bed with my wife, Lucy. He was fucking her from behind; neither of them heard me, not until I opened the door wide enough for it to make a creaking noise. That was when they stopped and the black man fixed me an ugly stare that said: ‘How dare you interrupt me, white boy?’

Lucy acknowledged me by saying: “Hi, hon. You’re back from work?”

“Uh-huh. Yeah, I just got back,” I replied.

“Shut the fucking door, white boy,” the black man glared at me. “And sit down and shut up. You’re fucking messing up my game.”

I quickly apologised and did as told. The man returned his attention to my wife. He slapped her butt hard enough to make her howl to remind her who was in charge, then resumed ploughing her hard. He grabbed a fistful of her blonde hair and yanked her head backwards; the noise of their bodies slamming each other reverberated around the room, mixed with Lucy gasping aloud from each contact.

I slipped my feet out of my shoes to not make much noise and quietly slipped off my jacket. My tie came next, lying it along with my jacket on a nearby chair, and then I unbuttoned my shirt. The whole time I undressed, my eyes stayed glued to what was occurring in my bedroom. My wife’s tits jiggled while she kept taking each onslaught of pounding from her man.

My pants came off next, followed by my pair of briefs, which revealed my penis enclosed behind a metallic chastity cage that I wore during much of the day, even when I head out to work in the mornings; Lucy usually inspects it to ensure that it is appropriately locked tight before wishing me a good day at work. I would often take snapshots and send them to her while at work to let her know I hadn’t taken it off.

Lucy and the black stranger had changed positions by the time I approached. They were in a spooning position, with the black man sliding his hips and thighs against her butt. Lucy gasped and moaned from the contact. She reached behind to caress his chin while he wrapped his arm around her, pulling her backwards to take more of him. I came and knelt by the foot of the bed, cradling my chastity-caged penis in my hand while I watched. At one point, I reached across to caress her leg; I could almost feel the sexual tension as it reverberated on her skin.

During such times, I feel more connected to my wife than before. This, to me, is the epitome of having a successful marriage. That I can sit back unbothered and watch a superior man take ownership of my wife before my eyes. Sometimes they get to involve me, but usually, I am almost invincible to them; I might not have existed.

I love it when the respective bull allows me to perform whatever measure of task: they order me to fetch them a glass of water, to come and hold up her leg, or my favourite is when they invite me to eat her pussy after they’ve injected their sperm load into her cunt. Lucy always tastes good after a good fuck.

There have been times when I returned home to find her fucking three to four black men. She would be screaming her head off while the men took turns fucking her cunt, asshole, and, most times, her mouth; neither of them appeared to take any mercy on her. Several of the men won’t mind letting me suck their to let while their buddies finish with Lucy. It would be my utmost pleasure letting them use me as they do my wife.

I have filmed my wife while having sex. I have taken photos of her in action and secretly revealed several of them to my closest buddies at work. They had been appalled but equally fascinated by what I presented them. Their initial impression was disbelief, thinking that I was playing a joke on them.

One evening, I invited a close friend home. I knew Lucy would be having someone over that evening. As it turns out, she was indeed. I eased open my bedroom door and allowed my friend to take a peek. He saw enough to make him realise I hadn’t been lying.

Neither of them could grasp why I could allow such to continue. The thought of that baffles them beyond comprehension as their repetitive questions often sound.

“Why the fuck would you sit there letting another man fuck your wife and not do a damn thing about it?” they asked me? “What sort of man are you?”

The sort of man who doesn’t mind letting my wife have fun by fucking other men is what I am. The sort of man who’s proud to watch his wife take multiple black cocks night after night, watching them empty their balls inside her, and even helping out on most occasions to clean them up. That’s the sort of man that I am.

I have the best type of marriage most husbands can only dare to admit. I have never been ashamed of it, and even Lucy would agree that being a submissive cuckold couple has done great things for us.

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