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How My Wife went Black – True Confession

Here is another true confession a husband sent me about his wife's first black cock experience. Aside from the editing, the story and accompanying photos aren't mine. Enjoy.


Dear Master SHANGO,

I absolutely love your twitter feed! I would like to share a quick story about how my 1st wife and I literally fell into the lifestyle. But please be discrete.

So, my 1st wife and I kinda fell into wife sharing activity. We did it with a black guy who lived four doors down the hall from us. Sean was about 6'2", kinda muscular/lean he was a dark, good looking dude. I always caught him checking out my wife, Kathy. I wasn’t the jealous type, so I never minded it. She was a hottie, and it’s not like lots of guys hadn't ogled her before.

One day, Sean came by to watch the baseball game and to have a few beers. It was summertime in Florida; Kathy was wearing a sundress and walking around barefoot. After a few beers, Kathy began teasing Sean about the fact that he was living alone, and single despite owning his own business.

She said: "You must be one of those black guys with a little one, that’s why a good looking guy like you is all by himself in that big house.”

Sean nearly spit his beer all over the floor; Kathy usually has no filter when it comes to speaking her mind on things.

Sean replied: “That’s not it. If anything, it’s too big. A lot of women can’t take it all.

Kathy laughed and said: “Bullshit! Show me; I dare you.”

I nearly choked on my beer.

Sean accepted her dare, stood up and suddenly dropped his shorts to the floor. My wife’s jaw hit the floor, the same as mine. Sean had a dick that he said was about 10-inches long, with a girth as thick as a cucumber.

He said: “See? Now it’s your turn to show me yours,” he pointed at Kathy’s tits.

I wasn’t going to put up any protest; after all, it was only fair.

I wasn't expecting anything like what I was witnessing to happen so fast the way it did. Kathy didn’t look like she intended backing down or choking on her words. She smirked at me and then pulled down her sun dress, exposing her 34D pair of tits.

Sean smiled and muttered something neither of us expected. “Kathy, are you kidding me?”

“Hell no, I’m not,” Kathy replied, stunned by his words. “Come on, Sean, you ought to know me by now; this is all I have to show.”

“I’m not satisfied,” he replied. “Go ahead, prove me wrong.”

My wife started tripping over her own words and that was when Sean made his move. He grabbed her, kissed her, and put his hand up under her sun dress. I was speechless. I just stood there while our black neighbour was seducing Kathy in front of me. She didn't wear any underwear in the summer so I knew Sean was fingering her as he was kissing her she spread her legs a little wider for him and wrapped her arms around him.

She was moaning very loudly with his tongue in her mouth. Sean looked at me and told me to sit down in the recliner and watch; he said that this was going to be fun for all of us. He guided my wife over to the couch and gently pushed her back before positioning himself between her legs and began rubbing the tip of his cock against her pussy. She never even looked over at me in the beginning I know because I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

Kathy suddenly said: “Pull out, please. I'm not on the pill.”

Sean didn't say anything he just slowly pushed his 10-inch prick inside my wife.

Kathy looked at me for the first time, she was wincing in pain, but I could tell she loved every second of it. After about 5 minutes he was pushing all the way into her and picking up the pace. I couldn’t believe it was going all the way in, I was hard as a rock watching him fuck her senseless. She was moaning louder than I ever heard.

Sean looked at her and said: “You know this ain’t going to be the last time we are going to fuck.”

Kathy replied: “I know, Sean.”

Sean turned and winked at me before returning to what he was doing to Kathy. He told her that he was inching towards cumming. My brain was actually screaming to say no but I couldn't even get the words out my wife looked up at him and said yes baby I wanna feel you come in me. The push my wife's legs upon to his shoulders and started pumping deep he grunted and my wife started moaning like crazy having an orgasm of her own.

What started out as baseball and beer ended up as me watching our black neighbour maybe getting my wife pregnant. My heart was pounding in my chest watching him come inside Kathy.

Kathy was four days late for her period; she was never late for it before. We both had a little scare and she was teasing me that Sean might have made her his baby mama. It was very intense, and Sean spent the next year fucking Kathy at least once a week. It was so hot because he would tell Kathy wild stuff like: “You know I'm gonna get you pregnant, right?”

Kathy didn’t appear to care; she wanted him, and everything he had to give.

So, that’s the absolute true story of how my wife went black.

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So fucking beautiful as nature intended.


Dec 04, 2023


Nov 15, 2023

i want that big black cock in my mouth


White Boy
White Boy
Nov 10, 2023

So exciting story!! Would be happy to see my BBC virgin wife do the same. Every white woman/wife deserves to be blacked ♤♤♤♤

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