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Confession - My Wife Invited Other Men into Our Bedroom

Mildred has assured me that she intends to cheat on me. She was blatant about this two nights ago before we went to bed. Let me assure you, Dear Reader, that there wasn't any existing quarrel between us, though it is safe to admit that such a moment had been coming for a long time. I was gobsmacked, however, to hear her make this bold statement without any prompt warning whatsoever that she intended presenting such news to me.

"Yes, Michael, I'm going to do it," she spoke in a cool, detached voice and unsmiling eyes. “But I'm not telling you how or when. Just know it's going to happen in this house soon enough."

She ended the conversation, adjusted her pillow, then turned to her side of the bed and fell asleep. I remained as I was, staring at her, perturbed by her declaration. I almost expected her to admit that she was joking. But Mildred was dead serious. My perplexity turned to elation as I switched off the light and fell asleep as well. I was smiling as I dozed off while picturing Mildred in the arms of another man in our bed.

I reckon you expect me to exhibit consternation at the thought of my wife daring to fuck a man in our matrimonial bed. You have no idea how far back I have cherished the idea of such a dream becoming a reality. I won’t bore you with the specificities of my futile attempts at convincing her to indulge in this activity for my sake. What you need only know is that it has been well earned, even though it came with such a surprising revelation.

I awoke the following day, however, with tribulation racing in my mind. Did Mildred seriously intend to cuck me, or was that something I imagined her saying last night? I was compelled to ask her about it. She responded by glaring at me for daring to jumpstart her morning with such a question.

"Damn right, I said all that, yes, Michael," she said while we consumed breakfast. "Don't ask me when or with whom; that's left for me to decide.”

“Well, then how will I know when you’re gonna do it,” I inquired.

“Don’t worry about it, hon,” she flashed me a cold smile. “When the day comes, I won’t leave you out in the cold. Go ahead and finish your cereal.”

Nonetheless, I remained apprehensive. Mildred is seldom keen on making promises, but when she does, she always keeps her word. In the end, I shrugged my shoulders and decided not to bug her about the subject anymore, even though I was itching for more details. Often when I underestimate Mildred, she does something to renew my faith in having her as a trusted wife. I would be nothing without her.

The days went by, as did the weeks, and nothing happened. I was baffled. I returned from work each day expecting to find a stranger in my home, except there was nobody but her. Mildred never gave off any hint or clue. I spied into her email and perused her social media accounts and found no smoking gun. Several times while she took a shower, I would scroll through her phone messages but everything was old and mundane. I couldn’t pick out any name listed in her contact address as someone likely to be her secret partner. So far, Mildred was working overtime at hiding her cards from me.

The weeks became months and still nothing. Mildred was either fucking with my head, or she had no urge of carrying out her action, and this had been nothing but a waste of energy.

It had been early summer when she made that declaration. Summer gave way to autumn. By then, I was starting to forget everything about Mildred’s promise.

I was at my bank job one afternoon, enjoying my lunch break when my phone started beeping. I was about tot take a bite off my sandwich when I opened it and saw a live video message from Mildred. My lunch became the least thing on my mind when I saw what my wife was presenting me.

The Mildred I saw in the video wasn’t the Mildred I have always known. This Mildred had tied her hair in a bun and wore a tight-looking outfit that had cut-out holes in them as if someone had poked the fabric with a pair of scissors, thus exposing much of Mildred’s figure, including her large pair of breasts and her crotch region. She sat on the bed and spread her legs for me, revealing her shaved crotch. My God! I felt like a grenade had exploded in my skull. She had make-up on her face that made her resemble a vamp. A very seductive, gothic vamp.

“Hi, Micheal,” she waved at me, smiling. “You like my new look? I hope so. I’ve kept you in the dark long enough, and you’ve been naughty going through my phone, wanting to know when I intend on surprising you. Yes, darling, I know. Well, looks like that day has finally arrived. Oh, by the way, I’ve got some handsome friends here that I’d love you to meet.”

Mildred gestured with both hands. I expected it would be one man, and I was desperate to see who he was. She stunned me when instead of one, I saw three black men come to sit beside her. They were athletic and stocky-built and shirtless; neither resembled faces I have seen before.

“Let me introduce you to my latest friends,” Mildred started with the one to her left. “This is Al,” then she indicated at the two to her right, “and this is Lee, and last is Rick. You’ve never met them before, and this is their first time visiting me. They’re going to rip my outfit off, and they’re going to fuck me like a whore in our bed. Also, they’re going to cum inside me too. You’ve got forty minutes to get your ass home to watch. You hear me, Michael? Forty minutes. After that, we’re going to get started without you. But don’t worry, my friends are going to put it on tape. The clock is ticking, darling. Better hurry.”

Mildred waved at me, then blew me a kiss before switching off the video.

“Oh, my God,” I gasped. It took me seconds to realise what was at stake, as a second grenade then went off in my brain, forcing me out of my chair. “Oh, my fucking God! Mildred!”

My hands were shaking as I began clearing my desk. I spoke to my secretary and told her that I would be away from the office for more than an hour, and made up some lie about needing to rush for a doctor’s appointment.

“Please, hold all my calls until I get back,” I said to her on the intercom before grabbing my phone. I pocketed my car keys, then dashed out of the office like a man on fire.

Mildred mentioned that I had forty minutes before she and her friends got to fucking. I lost thirteen minutes getting from my office down the flight of stairs to the office parking lot. It wasn’t until I unlocked my car door and got inside that I began to relax somewhat. The drive from my office was twenty-plus minutes depending on mild traffic; I intended to cut it short. I gunned my car and pulled out of my reserved space, and raced towards home.

I encountered severe traffic on the way and couldn’t stop cursing my luck. I kept honking my horn, praying for the line to move faster while checking to see how much time I had left. My AC unit was on, but I was sweating under my clothes. Mildred was likely making her friends comfortable while they await my arrival. Though I imagine she already must have said ‘fuck it’ and was getting gangbanged right now.

I stumped on my horn repeatedly and yelled at the car ahead of me while the line inched forward. The traffic finally cleared, and I gunned my engine while ensuring that I stayed below the speed limit.

I had passed the forty-minutes mark by when I arrived home. There was a black car parked in front of my driveway, possibly belonging to Mildred's friends. The street was quiet. I got out of the car and absorbed the silence while staring at my house; the silence made it known that I was way too late.

I slammed my car door and raced towards the front door. My hands were shaking, but I managed to let myself inside.

“Mildred,” I called out her name like I expected her to answer immediately.

I looked in the living room but found it empty. I then headed for the kitchen. It was there that I found evidence of her having entertained someone (or rather, some persons), as there were three half-filled glasses of wine sitting on the table, including the opened bottle of wine. The bottle didn’t belong to us; possibly, her companions had brought it along. There also were ashtrays laden with cigarette ash.

I left the kitchen and made my way up the stairs, about to confront the moment of truth. My heart was racing in my chest as I approached the bedroom door.

Mildred opened the door as I was about to knock. She was stark naked; the outfit she had worn in her video was partly torn, revealing her bodacious body.

“You finally made it,” she welcomed me inside and presented me to her three black male friends; they were naked and looked eager to bang the shit out of my wife. “This here is my husband,” Mildred addressed her companions. “I hope you don’t mind him sitting in to watch. Don’t worry, I promise he’ll be quiet.” She turned to me and gestured at a chair. “Plant yourself there, Michael, and watch your wife become a whore.”

I was shocked and stupefied beyond words. My mouth hung open but nothing poured out of it. I was in awe of Mildred’s transformation from a housewife into something beyond what I’ve often imagined of her in my dreams. I sat down with my jacket open and loosened my tie and didn’t utter a word as I watched her make love to the three black strangers.

Did the guys give Mildred the fucking of her life? You betcha! They gave it to her and more. I would never have thought that she would be so daring to seek out three men instead of one; the combination exceeded my expectations.

They ganged up on her and fucked her mouth.

They spread her on the bed and fucked her cunt one after the other.

They propped her on her elbows and knees and fucked her pussy from behind.

My cock begged for relief in my pants. I was sweating, listening to Mildred’s screams and gasps. I swear that the Mildred I saw right there getting fucked wasn’t the Mildred that I have always known. She looked possessed—obsessed—with the huge cocks that the men hammered into her.

They took turns flooding her pussy with cum, and forced her to clean their dicks afterwards. They called her all sorts of dirty names. Mildred took everything in stride while I sat there, stunned out of my mind watching her.

The bed was a mess by the time they finished—the room stank of semen and sweat. The men went downstairs to relax while I helped Mildred with opening the windows and changing the sheets. She cleaned her face in the bathroom but didn’t bother putting on any clothes—she had more fucking to do once I left the house and drove back to work.

Yes, I did return to work, but I was a different man when I got into my car and drove back to my office. That was the start of a whole new relationship between us. So far, it’s been going great.

In conclusion, husbands out there ought to be careful of what they wish for when it comes to urging their wives to go further into this lifestyle, or else they're bound to get more than what they bargained for. The questions isn't whether you will be happy when she does get to cuck you, but rather can you handle it?

Would you love to sweet-talk your wife into being gangbanged?


  • NO, I'd prefer a single lover for her

  • If she agrees, then yes

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Mar 04

i would love to be used by a big group of big, cocked bulls using me as they want nonstop anytime they want just here for the pounding and cum and passed around and bread


Jonathan Cuckold
Jonathan Cuckold
Apr 25, 2023

fantastic that you got to watch this amazing scene where your wife gave you the gift of becoming a cuckold in such a great way. You’re right m, be careful what you wish for because when she’s experienced amazing sex on the end of a black cock she ain’t going back!


I'd love to share that with her in a long deep wet kiss.

Damien Dsoul
Damien Dsoul
Feb 16, 2023
Replying to

Good boi


David Sissy
David Sissy
Feb 15, 2023

A sissy cuckold must love that lifestyle, what's the point of telling your wife what she should or shouldn't do if that opinion is insignificant? A sissy cuckold is not made, but born. If you don't want to go through this, stay single...Better enjoy.

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