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My Wife, Anna is a Beauty! - Letter from a Cuck Husband

This is an email correspondence transcript:

HUSBAND: Dear Master Shango, allow me to introduce you to my wife, Anna.

SHANGO: She’s a real beauty, for sure. I love the fishnet outfit you have her wearing in her photos. Mind telling me more about yourselves.

HUSBAND: Yes, sir. Anna and I are both in our early forties. We have been married for twenty years, and it’s been a great union for us. Anna is from eastern Europe; we live in Croatia, but I am actually from Denmark.

SHANGO: And you both dream of becoming a cuckold couple, am I right?

HUSBAND: Yes sir, we do. Unfortunately, there’s little to no black men where I live. It’s almost like they are a rare commodity in this part of Europe.

SHANGO: It shouldn’t necessarily be so, but eastern Europe is never a safe location for black people. Plenty of racism occurs in those areas.

HUSBAND: Yes, I’m aware of that, sir. And it’s quite unfortunate. Europe deserves to be conquered by Black Masters like you. Anna would make a proud hotwife for you, sir. She has lovely pair of legs, has gorgeous round ass. I know she would make for a good slutwife to accommodate you if you were ever to travel to this part of the world.

SHANGO: How about you start by telling me more about her.

I would say that the idea occurred to me five years ago. I don’t remember how, but Anna and I have always had an active sex life. We always look for means to add more spice into our activities. I like to fuck her with different types of dildos, anything to make her squirt crazy.

We somehow got hooked into enjoying interracial porn. Anna has a fascination towards black men: seeing their huge cocks, and the excitement that comes with them fucking white women, that always gets her wet. When her pussy gets wet, she reaches for my hand and brings it to her cunt, wanting me to see how aroused she’s getting. She loves watching white women get gangbanged by multiple black men. I think it makes her jealous that she isn’t there with them.

Anna and I talked many times about this lifestyle. It felt like we were the only couples in our neighbourhood, in our city here in Croatia, that knew about this subject. We talked about it like it was the most fascinating thing we had learned about, and we wanted to learn more. We already envisioned ourselves as a cuckold couple, even though we hadn’t hooked with any black man before. Anna has been with other white men before. But it doesn’t feel too exciting as I know it will be with a black man like yourself.

Anna works for technical services company, and she has gotten plenty of offers from some of the senior executives who want to fuck her. Several of the company managers are muslims, and they have approached her about wanting to take her on holiday trips to Dubai and Yemen. They have offered paying her exclusively for her time. That makes me proud knowing other men out there admire my wife sexually, and I imagine them wanting to fuck her in their office. It is unfortunate that there aren’t any black men amongst them.

I do want my Anna to become a Black-Owned slutwife. I have read articles that you posted in your website and elsewhere. I follow you religiously on BlacktoWhite, and I’m always liking your posts there. I see you have a large number of followers there, too. Probably they, too, would love for you to visit them and make use of their wives as I’d love for you to do with Anna.

Would it be possible for me to bring Anna to you instead? Your profile says you live in Nigeria. I have read that novel of yours that features you spending time with a Croatian couple like us. Do you have any idea where the couple might be currently? Maybe I can find them and get them to tell us more about how it was when they came to spend time with you in your country.

How do you think Anna would feel if she travels to Nigeria to stay with you? Would you keep her from returning home to me, maybe have her become your Croatian slave, like you wrote about that Caya girl in that other novel of yours. Yes, I have read several of your books, and I find them very engaging.

I do dream about my Anna becoming pregnant with a black man’s baby. That might sound crazy, but even she fancies the idea. Could you imagine the stir that would cause if you came here and got her pregnant? Her family would go crazy. They would point accusing fingers at me, asking if I’d gone insane to let a black man fuck her, let alone cum in her pussy and get her pregnant. But I know you won’t have a problem with that. I can see you walking proud, knowing that we are another Croatian couple that you own, and we would remain loyal and true with you.

My Anna is a very beautiful woman. She gets easily aroused, and she screams loud whenever she cums. I would love to be there to see you fuck her for the first time; I don’t care if you don’t allow me to watch after that, but the first time would make my day. I would love to hear Anna scream and cry from your thick black cock fucking her pussy. I want to see you slap her arse, pull her hair, and call her dirty names while you fuck her.

Would you get to share her with other Nigerian men? I mentioned before that Anna loves gangbangs; I know she wouldn’t mind you sharing her with others. She has never fucked anal before, but you can be the first who does that. You can be the first man to pop her anal cheery, and even cum inside her arse.

Do tell me how much you like her photos. Is she Black Cock-worthy? I know she would love to hear from you. If there’s anything else about her that you’d like to ask, let me know.




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Unknown member
Feb 03, 2023

Ideally, Anna's anus will be reserved indefinitely, solely for Master's future delectation.


David Sissy
David Sissy
Feb 02, 2023

Anna need to be pregnant by black man

Replying to

THAT IS MUST BE NRW TRADITION ONE month before wedding the bride must get blacked . to sekect her black owner who "ll impregnate her to nave black good baby

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