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Do You Know Where Your Wife Is?

Do you know where your wife is right now? Sure, it’s probably midnight on your side of the world, and she’s there beside you asleep, except you don’t know what’s running in her mind, so you, cuck-boi?

Maybe it’s morning already, and she’s getting ready for work, the same way you are right now, but you’ve no idea what she’ll be doing for the remainder of the day. You’ve no idea who she’ll be having lunch break with. Probably with a co-worker friend . . . Or maybe she’s going to keep a scheduled appointment with a male friend somewhere. He’s going to have lunch with her, then he’s going to take her to his place and give her some good fucking.

If you’re lucky, you might call your wife up while he’s fucking her, and she being a naughty slut, might allow you to listen in on the sex. Or by chance she might decide to answer the call, but not clue you into whatever sexual activity she's currently enjoying. For some wives, this choice would be apt, as it would quell any further inquiry from the husband. And even better, what lover won't feel proud knowing he's fucking a cheating slut while her clueless husband out there knows nothing of what's going on between them.

Won't you love to know what she's up to when you're not around? When you're least aware of her presence beside you? Don't you often go to bed imagining to yourself that she's likely out there screwing somebody? That by some chance, she has fallen under the seductive spell of someone who seems very sturdy and capable of fucking her way better than you?

Sure, it might leave you jealous, but what's jealousy without truth. The fact is that you do want her to have a secret relationship outside of your marriage. You might not come clear to admitting it, but you and I do know the truth, don't we? That there is a secret part of you that would be fulfilled when it comes to your knowledge that yes, indeed, your wife of so-and-so number of years is out there banging some other stud.

Even the fear would grow astronomical if you then realise that she's with me!

Some husbands are unaware of how bad of a cock-teaser their wives are, especially when left to their own devices. It's only natural that most husbands unconsciously prod their wives towards becoming more lax and adventurous when not in their presence. When some wives get given hall passes to venture out on their own, who knows what levels their might go towards attracting worthy men's eyes to look towards their direction.

But try as hard as you being her clueless husband can, you cannot find any suitable evidence regarding her infidelity. You've even taken to smelling her panties while she's taking a shower, rummaging through the contents of her handbag for any worthy evidence to show where she's been before coming home. Anything that can possibly resemble a receipt of purchase of something given to her. Yes, you try your best questioning her, wanting to know whom she had lunch with, and so forth, still nothing. You know you cannot do it without raising suspicion, but you would love to call up one or two of her friends to find out more.

Who knows, maybe your woman is being stealthy, knowing that you're the snooping type. Except you're not doing this out of some dark anger, rather to assuage the doubt that like any other woman out there, your wife can also be persuaded to cheat on you. And why shouldn't she? After all, you have spent months trying to get her into pursuing the benefits that comes with her having a secret lover on the side.

For most husbands, it's never the thought that their women might be enjoying some other man's cock behind their back that worries them, rather that she's choosing to go about it alone without even a thought of clueing her hubby into her illicit activity.

What's a husband to do when he comes to this realisation? Does he enable his wife to continue with her actions, satisfied that she's deriving some enjoyment out of cheating on him, or should he instead confront her and then labour his mind with the fear that she might decide to give up on it?

This is a choice, like any other, that most husbands should delve into with care of whatever consequences might arise. Sure, it's most preferable that a wife gets to clue her hubby into whatever sexual adventure she's having. On the other hand, some wives would prefer this manner figuring their husbands might attempt to shut things down for them.

But once again, picture your wife out there, in some dingy room, getting fucked by a multitude of black studs. Neither one of them is wearing a condom, and they intend busting a nut inside her pussy, but not after fucking her like the wannabe whore that she is . . . won't you like to know where that's happening? Won't you wish to be there to at least watch?


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