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Letter to a U.K-based Hotwife & Husband

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Hi there Miss Thang Smith,

Hope you don’t mind my addressing you such way, since I’m yet unfamiliar with your name. Thanks for sending me your email address, including that of your husband. I might see about sending him an email after I’m done writing to you.

How have you been finding your way around the BlacktoWhite forum lately? It takes some getting used to. There’s lots of info around, too many people chatting and wanting to know more about how to expand their cuckold way of life. Most of them, especially the wives, are seeking the same thing that you want. This isn’t solely about finding a black lover for yourself; that simply would not be enough. Any woman can find herself someone to come and fuck her; he doesn’t necessarily need to be a black man.

It is about finding a Black Master who can dominate you in bed.

This is different because this involves you committing yourself in more ways than you can imagine towards this lifestyle completely. I know that you and your husband have sat and talked about you wanting to become a Hotwife; you mentioned that to me when we first started corresponding with each other. Most times, finding a lover can be a tough endeavour to carry out, especially based on where you reside. You also mentioned that part to me. I’m not trying to deter from you doing it. I know that this goal you desire can be achievable, as long as you don’t think of it as too much a waste of time.

Always remind yourself that you are built for black, as you are likewise made to become a black cock-slut. Regardless of your age, this is what a woman like you ought to consider herself as becoming: a genuine hotwife. And as you wanting to become a hotwife, finding yourself an ordinary lover won’t do; you require a Black Master in your home. Someone whose mission would be to not only sex your body by giving you the best damn fuck you want, but someone who will make it a personal taste when it comes to fucking your mind and making sure that you accept what is most required of you: becoming a Black-Owned wife!

You might not know this yet, but there are valid reasons behind your reason for choosing to go black. It has nothing to do with whether your husband has been persuading you to try out this lifestyle, nor is it the number of interracial porn movies that you and him have watched countless times. It's because you want what's best for you in bed. You have been with your husband all these years, and know that when it comes to loving, you can get that plenty of times from him. But he isn't capable of making you feel hot, wanted, and demanded like a sexual creature that you are. That is what a Black Master is capable of producing in your system.

Yes, I did mention those words to you when we first began chatting: Black-Owned. It’s not to be confused with you wanting a lover. This is equally the same, but on a more personal feature. A lover can simply come by to fuck you and then dress up and leave, or you can head out and meet up with one at some convenient rendezvous spot. But securing a Black Master means that he won’t merely be there to fuck you, but inspire you towards further accepting the challenging benefits that this cuckold lifestyle has for both you and your husband.


Hello there cuck-boi ryan,

I have recently been corresponding with your wife, S. Smith. She stumbled upon my page on BDSMLR and we have been messaging each other since. She did send me her email address, including yours, to which I decided I would write to you as I have written to her already.

I am Damien Dsoul, though most of my followers know me as Master Shango. You can do a quick Google-search, and I think my name will pop up. I am a Black Master. That means that I’m interested in sexy women like your wife, especially ones who desire becoming a black cock slut, as she evidently wants to be from all what we have been discussing for the past several hours. She mentioned that you’re well aware of her desires. It is rather unfortunate that I do not reside anywhere closer to where you both are.

I am from Nigeria, and I’m in my early-forties. I have been involved in this lifestyle for quite some years now. I won’t say that I’m an expert; I’m simply one who appreciates lovely women and the means of guiding themselves towards achieving their sexual dreams. In your wife’s case, hers in the need to become a Black-Owned hotwife.

I have already explained what this entails, as you might see from the letter I wrote to her minutes ago. I wish to include that your wife is a very beautiful woman, regardless of her being of mature age. That isn’t a necessary requirement, as there are plenty of mature wives out there who equally are committed to this lifestyle as younger woman already are. In fact, the older a wife becomes, the more susceptible and open she will be towards wanting the best quality sex that only a black man can give.

The fact that you and her have gotten this far into wanting to become part of this lifestyle means that you have both had plenty of hours thinking about it. You know by now that once your wife gets her first taste of black dick, she won't be the same woman that you've known all this while. There is a thing called Black Cock Addiction. Just as the saying goes: "Once You Go Black . . ." such is what will become your wife's fate when that happens.

I would assume that you have begun preparing yourself for that inevitability. Also to let you know that once you start down this road, it's going to be a life-long affair for both of you. But even if you should happen to get cold feet along the way, things aren't ever going to change for your woman. She will forever remain a Black-Owned whore-wife. Her desires will become elevated towards serving her Black Master(s) however means possible, whether you choose to be involved or not.

It is of benefit that you are well aware and capable of pushing her towards this lifestyle. But know that it includes you, too. As long as you remain her husband, it will be of utmost concern that you envision her finding a Black Master who will train and own her, to help her realise what being a sexually-desirable hotwife towards black men is about.

I look forward to corresponding more with your wife, and let it be known that though I am currently far away, it would have been my utmost wish to be the first to fuck her in the comfort of your home.

Thank her for the lovely photos she has sent me. Also know that she has granted me freedom to air out this letter so other cuck husbands out there can learn more about what it takes for couples to commit to this way of life called Black-Ownership.


Damien Dsoul.


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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jun 02, 2022

Very helpful shared information from Master S. i obviously don't know the Smith's circumstances, as a suggestion, perhaps instead of a holiday, (or struggling to find a safe local Master) they could pay for Master S himself to visit. Cuck r would have the thrill of picking up Master S (carrying His luggage) at the airport. Imagine phoning his excited wife as she sits back home, with her heart pounding, to tell her HE has arrived!

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