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Do You Need to Choose?

This is for the women reading this post, and to some extent, it includes husbands as well.

Looking at the photo above, is it really necessary to choose which one you have to take with to bed? I mean really?!? It matters not if the white-boi in the chastity cage is your husband - your cuck-boi - the fact that he cannot compare in size and girth to what your Black Dom is packing needs not to be argued.

Even he, your cuck-boi, will realize this is a no-brainer. He has no choice but to fold and watch you get the best manly cock you can find inside you.

For many women, such a dilemma is nonexistent. They know already what size of cock they want, including what color. White women know that the best thing for them is to no longer deny themselves of their sexual desires. The best sex can only be gotten from a superior man who will not only fuck and stretch her cunt, but challenge her erotic instincts to what it needs to become.

Does size matter when it comes to black cock getting shoved into white pussies? To some extent, yes. But there are other important factors such as stamina and foreplay, and the ability for a bull to arouse a woman’s sexual desires to greater heights. To heights where she can no longer merely rely on whatever outcome she has been known to achieve the years she has been fucking her husband.

Every Black-Owned Mistress wants to gravitate to this level. She has read the brochure and online commentary regarding Black men’s unmatched activity when it comes to sex. This is partly why she has been drawn toward wanting to cuck her husband for a long time. Her husband, too, is bound to be aware of this. He might not fully explain it all to her, but he realizes that as long as his wife is well pleasured in bed, then she’s bound to stay happy with him.

When it comes to what size of cock a woman should opt for, it should be no question where her eyes fall. The moment she got naked in front of her cuck and her Black Dom, her body itself will instinctively remind her of her oath toward becoming a Black Cock-whore!

Hence for the duration of her succumbing to her pleasure, she should remember to keep her cock’s chastity cage efficiently locked. What better way to get him to remember what his role is henceforth.

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6 commentaires

My arguments why a cuckold interracial harem type social relationship is right and justified.

  1. Promotes genetic diversity. The offspring would have African and European DNA, enriching the gene pool.

  2. Through mixing, people unite instead of growing apart. We need more mixed people to bridge the antagonistic gap between different ethnic groups.

  3. It simply feels right. There is a logical reason, why nature wants white people to practice interracial cuckolding and breeding. Why believe it's just a fetish and not embrace it as a higher natural calling?

  4. It creates harmony. Everyone wins. The hot wife is by nature dominant and the cuckold passive. But every woman still needs a dominant man in her life. That role is filled by her black…


Membre inconnu
25 juil. 2020

i am happy i do not have to make a choice as i both love jack and black sex


Really excellent article. Its not just about size, but its also about the energy, the yin and the yang, the gravity, the originality, the instincts, and the black power.


24 juin 2020

so true black cock is the best ever my caged cuckold knows his place in everything and obeys without question


Membre inconnu
27 mai 2020

Mine has accepted

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