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European Ladies Love BBC, too!

Updated: Mar 16

Majority of European woman have come of age sexually.

I probably never would have known about this were it not for the internet, and that is, as embarrassing as it is, the shameful truth. A lot of what information that transpires in the world usually come from the west, aka, America. Reason why is partly to do with their contrasting difference: America is an entire country, whereas Europe is a sub-continent on its own. This article would have to stick with that issue, so I hope majority of you reading this who reside in the sub-continent would please pardon my lapse in grouping you as a whole rather than referring to your individual country.

Truth be known, women across the great sub-continent of Europe do desire black men as much as women in North America do. From the shores of the United Kingdom, past Eastern Europe, and way beyond into Russia, there are hordes of women there who have professed their burgeoning curiosity and desire towards wanting to be in the company of black men. Like most others, the internet has been the source of this great attraction, however, the reality is starkly different.

The reality is that many of these women (whether residing in major cities or in remote towns/villages from either ends of the subcontinent) have complained that there are often short supply to almost no presence of black men around.

This is a complaint I’ve received from numerous women, husbands and couples across: this apparent lack of dominant black gods to come and manhandle their women sexually the same way that’s being done to white women across the USA.

Sure, there’s immigrant black men caught up in limbo in various European countries, but these are the exception. There does exist some reasons regarding why there aren’t as much dominant black men to go around, and I can supply few. However, I’d like to let it known that these are my reasons based on my perspective, and none of what I say is meant to be taken personal.

To be noted, this article is written from my personal perspective, and shouldn’t be taken in hindsight as reference to all black men.

1. Where to Visit:

Europe comprises of 27 countries. That’s 27 separate choices of where one can travel to, and that’s often a tough decision to make. If I were to pick a European destination in mind, there is a plethora of choices I would have to consider, and nearly all have their positives. How to make that choice is something I would have to battle with before arriving at a decision. And my decision is often limited to several outcomes.

2. Language Barrier:

This issue doesn’t only speak for myself, but other black-African men out there. When one desires traveling to any European country, there is the problem regarding language. English being the known international currency, still, not every community in Europe would abide by that. I doubt if the French would seem happy if some foreigner corresponded with them in English (and that’s not me shitting on the French,) one needs to comprehend with the language problem that’s likely to impede his progress when traveling across Europe. Hence why most African/Nigerian men are apt to visit the UK as opposed to anywhere else in the sub-continent.

3. Economics:

I can say this for most Nigerians: we often travel to abroad locations where we know we’re likely to encounter some economic value. It’s hard enough raising enough money to make such a trip, when you factor in the currency exchange rate of the Euro, and not to mention getting stumped when acquiring a travel visa. The burden of travel expenses often weights upon us like an anvil dropped on a person’s skull.

I have corresponded with couples who desire my presence in Europe, and this is the foremost aspect I share with them: you cannot expect me to come to you when you aren’t first aware of the numerous hurdles I have to scale to cross over your country’s border without me getting hindered like I’m making an illegal crossing. My logistics needs to first be accounted for: how much money I’m traveling with, my destination, and also securing adequate accommodation for the duration of my stay. If these goals aren’t met, then there’s no point in me deciding to make the trip. Personally, I’m not a fan of living in hotels.

4. Racism:

I don’t need to emphasis this part any more than I ought to. A lot of you know what I’m referring to with this aspect. Racism is rift across Europe as it does exist in the USA. We can ascribe it to plain ignorance, or the fact that majority of communities across Europe still, to this day, have had little to almost no encounter with black men, but that still doesn’t excuse the issue at hand.

This is a most pressing issue across Eastern European countries, and with the steady influx of illegal immigration, instigating right-wing politicians to take up the rallying cry of exclusion. I’m not going to go deep into the subject, but just wanted to let you know this is the reality that exists, and it’s one of the issues hindering blacks from wanting to travel to Europe.

In Conclusion . . .

There are more aspects that act as deterrence to why European women aren’t yet competing in the same range as their American counterparts are when it comes to snagging black men. But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same desire or want.

European women, ranging from snowbunnies, Milfs, to mature wives/Gilfs, too, deserve to be conquered and dominated by black gods. Their men, too, want the same desire for their women. They want to become equally Black-Owned.

This video is coutesy of Nordicinterraciallust

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