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Going Black for White Husbands

Many husbands are just as attracted towards the idea of wanting their wives to go black more than their wives can ever assume. What I’m saying is that a large number of husbands won’t mind ‘going gay’ for black cock, even if it would lead to them pleasing and enticing their wives to get blacked as well.

Such is the amazing attraction that comes when white couples get seduced to the black side: they cannot hold back their urges from coming to the forefront of their lives.

This isn’t to say that many husbands ware inherent bisexuals or that they are actually gay but masquerading as heterosexuals. Such instances do occur, mind you, but I’m not with the necessary facts to present that argument. What I do know is that deep in the cortex of many white husbands’ minds is the desire of wanting to let go. Of wanting to relinquish themselves from the constraints that society has placed upon them. White men sacrificed their sexual desires a long time ago just so that they can assume their place as being the foremost mantle of societal norms. If you don’t believe me, then travel back in time and go and ask the Pilgrims or Quakers when they first landed on American soil. They outlawed dancing, claiming that such was a devilish act that can only be left up to blacks.

Black men have always retained their sexual prowess, which is something that hasn’t ever been claimed from them. When a white couple see an interracial couple along the street, they both imagine separate ideas that are nearly identical.

They wife admires that progress has occurred to enable a white woman to want a black man without ever being stereotyped or singled out for racial appropriation. There is freedom in what the white woman sees as the black man gets to strut with her about and not mind the eyes of society glaring at them for their togetherness.

The same goes with what the white husband sees when he observes the interracial couple together. However, for him, everything gears towards the sexual: he imagines such white woman is receiving the best damn sex she can ever get from a pure specimen of manhood. He knows that he could never approach such woman, nor would he be capable of sexually satisfying her in bed if ever she allowed it.

Another aspect that gets the husband’s mind aroused is when he begins to imagine what it would be like if ever his wife were to get with a black man. How would she respond when she’s the one getting that black dick stretching her pussy in ways that he possibly cannot.

The wife, too, can also get sexual in her erotic imagery regarding the interracial couple. She, too, could start to fantasise about the sexual aspects, but her own would likely be limited to her and her husband getting naughty instead of inviting a black man into their bedroom.

Such instances can provide the wellspring for them to start getting creative with their sexual inhibitions. They can start by having fun roleplaying in bed, or doing anything to get their sexual juices going. In the end, the husband, however won’t get too satisfied as he knows that some antidote is missing from their arsenal. The source of such antidote will come with such questions below:

What would it take to get my wife involved into having sex with another man?

How can I possibly get her to want to have sex with a black man?

Let’s say I do manage to make their happen, can I get involved as well?

Even if the husband gets his wife seduced by a black man, it is only inevitable that he won’t want to stay out of their circle for too long. Seeing how much fun his wife is having receiving that black cock will only entice him towards wanting to join her. He would want nothing else but to partake in the explicit fun that she’s having with her lover.

Only then will her husband need to come to terms with embracing the grey area that his sexuality falls in. The area that declares that he, too, can having pleasure sucking a black man’s cock without suffering the indictment that comes with society declaring him as being actually gay.

Of course, the gnawing fear will be about whether the black lover would mind or not, also, if his wife won’t shame him for wanting to indulge in the cuckold habit alongside her. Her husband would need to start embracing being referred to as a sissy, and to expect some form of humiliation that will help him to embrace his submissive nature and love towards wanting that same black cock for himself and his wife.

However the situation might entail, this is where the future of cuckoldry is going.

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