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Cuckold Confession - What I Want for My Wife

This is a true confession, although the husband prefers remaining anonymous, however, the photos are of his wife.

This isn’t merely a confession that I’m about to make; it’s also a wish. I wish for my wife to become more engaging towards black men. Whether socially or personal, I want to see her smiling and laughing with whichever black man comes to engage her presence. Hopefully, it will lead to her getting fucked by one. That is the ultimate dream that I want.

As much as I’d like to admit, my wife is no prude. She is a gorgeous blonde. She does regular yoga and exercises often, so her body remains as supple as it was back when we got married. We are both in our mid-thirties, have a home with kids, and everything that comes with it. We have professional careers and when it comes to social events, we try our best to keep up.

How good is our sex life? I would say fairly good. If I’m to rate it on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the best, we’re at a decent six. The passion is there, but the fury is gone, or maybe it was never there in the first place. I really cannot tell sometimes. This isn’t a subject that’s easily brought up between us. I have no idea what lurks in her mind, but I’m keen to say that she probably feels some magic is gone between us. Don’t get me wrong, we’re still very much in love, but there is love, and then there is lust. In our case, I’d say the lust is like a dying candle.

Something needs to be done to revive things. This is why I know the best means would be for my wife to take up the mantel of making a cuck out of it. Sure, it’s going to hurt, but I’ve been through worse. I do feel that this is something we both need to rejuvenate our sexual life.

It’s weird sitting here and considering this, but I knew nothing about this cuckold way of life prior to two years ago. I might have heard stuff, crazy stuff, about what some of my friends are indulging into, but never did I categorise it as such. An old friend of mine came to me some years ago saying that he and his wife were getting a divorce. She had been harbouring an adulterous affair without him knowing. They had a row about it, and she opted leaving with her potential lover, whoever he was. It was a shame because my friend and his wife had been married past twenty years. It hurt that such was how their marriage was crumbling to end. What's most surprising is that their story didn’t end that way. They stuck it out with my friend agreeing that she continue with her affair as long as it didn’t spell an end to their marriage. Compromises had been settled and, till this day, they are strong with each other.

Imagine that.

There have been nights when I’d turned on my side of the bed to admire my wife’s sleeping form, speculating where and how she might have spent her day, and especially, with whom. Was it a he or a she? I lean preferably on the ‘he’ aspect. What did they do together? I picture her and her male companion getting themselves a hotel room and spending the remainder of the afternoon fucking and gallivanting in bed like teen lovers.

Am I crazy for thinking such? I have no idea. If ever I am, I’ll bet that I’m not the only husband out there having such weird thoughts about his wife.

The idea of my wife having a secret lover has grown profoundly in my head since. There have been times when the thought went away, but then some strange stimuli would bring it back to the forefront of my head. There have been times when I thought of wanting to share the idea with her. Except how could I possibly raise such subject? I would look like a gross idiot to even dare think of that. However, it’s never stopped me from dreaming. There’s no harm in that since I won’t be sharing that aspect with her. God knows what she’s dreaming too.

I can admit that the thought of my wife cheating on me is enough to give me a boner. Most times, when I’m lazing about in my office, I pull out my phone and watch cuckold porn videos. It’s so easy for me to picture Samantha as one of the women in those videos. The black studs seem to fuck with such passion; it’s incredible. I would lock my office and regale in the videos, after which I would head into my restroom and struggle to jack off. This has been a recurring trend with me for months now. Initially, I did it probably once or twice in a week, but lately, I find myself doing it more often daily. Even when I’m back home in the evenings, when taking a shower, I cannot help but wank off under the water spray while Samantha would be downstairs making dinner for the kids. Till this day, I am sure she’s never once suspected me of any wrongdoing.

I imagine her surrounded by a roomful of black studs, all naked, including her. The black men would be stroking their cocks while sizing her up like a pair of crocodiles ready to snap at a prey. They draw closer and begin fondling her tits, her hips, her bottom . . . and she, for her part, cannot help but enjoy herself. I imagine her moaning to the touch the men apply on her, letting them know she was hot and horny and in need of their massive pricks servicing her.

There are times when I imagine putting myself in the picture: there I stand sentry-like by the doorway, naked as well, sporting a hard-on, while the men begin feasting upon my wife.

So you have heard my confession. Do you think of me as being crazy?

I cannot wait for the day when my Samantha gets to take her first black cock. her life won't be the same after that, neither would mine.


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Sep 12, 2023

ill open my legs and my asshole for plenty of big black covk



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