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How Big is your Wife’s Booty? Pt. 2

How big is your wife’s booty?

Does your wife have a booty that phat, curvaceous, and busting to get out of her jeans, shorts, or skirt? Then you know that your woman is Built for Blacks only. That means she’s got plenty of asset to make her enticing for black men like myself to approach her.

When it comes to husbands who’ve got big booty wives, the question is do a lot of you realise the potential you have lying in bed beside you? Do you reckon that your wife isn’t meant to be shared or at least appreciated by other men besides you?

This article, however, is for wannabe cuck husbands, especially. Those who see the hidden potential their wives harbour besides being married to them. When you see your wife undress, observe how much change has come upon her body over the years since she stopped having babies. You notice her protruding her hips are, and how protruding her butt has come about, like she has secretly been expanding before your eyes and you’re only now becoming aware.

Do you see how burgeoning her tits appear? When you see her scrubbing herself in the bathroom, try to observe her like you were a stranger who suddenly stumbled into your room. Doesn’t she look far more desirable than ever? Yet she’s sort of keeping herself chaste like a housewife locked up in a monastery. Whatever makes you think that she wouldn’t be desirable and wanting to other men once they set eyes upon her?

Take some time off and dress your wife in some gorgeous attire. Purchase her some exquisite pair of panties, let her wear thigh stockings and garter belts, and tell me that you would still recognise her as the woman you’ve always been true to. The fact is that a lot of housewives do want to break out of the doldrum of their married life. Maybe not all of them, but I’m willing to bet a large number would love to feel not only young and sexy, but sexually appreciated not only by their husbands, but other men included.

What woman wouldn’t want to feel young and sexy again, regardless of how much weight she has added over the years, or whether she thinks she’s gone past the realm of caring. The sexiness never dissipated or goes away; it merely stays waiting to be reignited again.

They want to go back to when they were wild and free, and had all the possibilities to experience as different range of men that they never had back then. The wives of today (that includes older wives) would look at this current generation with loathing that they’ve got as much access to a variety of men that they never could have afforded during their time. Why shouldn’t these women find better appreciation towards wanting to become black cock magnets when they’re well into the prime of their life.

What better men would appreciate your wife for how voluptuous her figure is than a black man? Who better for you to want to see your wife frolicking with? And when the time comes for her to strip out of her sexy gear, won’t you love to see a black man’s hands caressing her body, especially that pawg booty of hers?

Your wife who’s considering making a cuck out of you would attest to this, too. She knows that she’s primly drawn towards black men, and knowns intimately that they are the right type of men who would know how better to handle her body, something that you have become incapable of handling.

Once you get to witness your wife getting fucked by her black lover(s), don’t deny that you don’t get excited seeing how well her massive butt cheeks keep bouncing back and forth from getting repeatedly slammed. Don’t you love it when she gets to straddle her man and ride him hard, seeing how her butt clenches each time she rocks his pelvis. That comes with the familiar noise of her moans, listening as she groans her way towards an aggressive climax. You then realise she’s never looked this gorgeous the entire time you and her got to make love. But there lies the key difference—make love.

You make love to your wife, which is cool. Her lover, however, comes to fuck her. And not merely fuck her to get his nuts emptied, but to give her to effective pleasure she has been wanting since. The type that comes with her shuddering as she gets into a climatic frenzy. And when the bull pulls out and sprays semen over her butt cheeks, you want to hurry over and clean up that mess before any of it goes to waste.

Your wife’s massive butt and tits are meant for black men’s enticement. That’s why it’s imperative to make your wife understand that regardless of how much weight she had put over the years, it makes it more evident that she’s BUILT FOR BLACKS.

You can find the first part here: How Big is your Wife’s Booty? Pt. 1

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