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Worshipping a Black god in Your Home

Does a Black Master deserve to enjoy as many white women he can acquire? Truly, he does. How many? There is never a certain number; as many white women are currently longing to become Black-Owned property is what matters to him.

The women that come to him willingly, or that are offered to him by their husbands and boyfriends, are usually the ones that receive utmost attention. They get to worship his cock to their ultimate pleasure, knowing he would grant them as much time he can spare to make them become further addicted to his mighty member.

Many white women are currently seeking such a man. Their husbands are doing what that’s possible to see their women worship a Black god’s cock in their presence; this is something they have longed to enjoy for a months and even years. The thought of inviting a Black Dom into their home, catering to his needs, and doing whatever they can to impress his stay as long as he affords ample time to mate their wife/girlfriend is a joy that’s seldom understated.

Most wives would often prefer serving and worshiping a Black god in the comfort of their home than anywhere else. They wouldn’t mind showcasing their sexual libido regardless of their husband’s approving gaze or not; even better if the husband might not always be present so as to afford her the luxury of being herself with her lover however she wants.

White women want to be used, screwed, and Black-bred multiple times by their Black god (and including other gods, too). Their husbands, too, look forward anxiously to the sight of the Black god ejaculating his load inside his wife’s pussy. They want to see that rich, copious semen leak out of their wife’s vagina with abandon, and hopefully so they can get to clean her pussy and obtain a taste of the Black god’s essence.

The Black god’s semen has always been a rich prize since time immemorial for white wives. The belief that Black cum is thick and ten times more potent than the typical white semen is apparent. From the moment the woman spreads open her legs, letting her Black god insert his Black cock into her cunt, as her husband hovers by the sidelines, watching his wife respond positively to the Black god’s insemination, such a moment is bound to mark a glorious affirmation in their lives.

The Black New World Order declares that in every white household should be a Black god taking charge of the married couple. The Black god’s mission caters to breeding the wife on a daily, steady basis, nurturing her growth as a compelling hotwife, and ensuring her husband never neglects or forgets his submissive, cuckold duties.

Uniting them under his ownership umbrella, the Black god gets to inspire the couple to seek out other couples to invite into his organization.

This factor involves young white women, too. And in other cases, white bois also who seek to become Black-Owned pets ever willing to perform whatever task their Black Master demands.

White women should consider it an abject duty to commit their bodies into appreciative vessels of Black-Ownership. They should wear their BNWO desire with pride in their hearts as well showcasing it in whatever form of symbols that’s appropriate to let others become aware of what such women are about. They should desire having QoS tattoos, and likewise, the husbands should get themselves JoS tattoos, including encasing their pathetic penis in chastity cages.

These same women, as their Black cock addiction takes ahold of them, should not be afraid to committing themselves to having Black babies. Their husbands, too, should perform whatever pleading ritual to their respective Black god that he might strike lucky with their wife and get her pregnant as part of their Reparations fulfillment.

Cucks shouldn’t be afraid to worship their Black god alongside their wife. As long as they should the ultimate deference to his presence, and even when at times, the wife is incapacitated, the husband should ensure to pleasure his Black Master’s pipe accordingly. The wives/girlfriends shouldn’t be ashamed to witness such, as it is only appropriate that white bois, too, become equally addicted to black cock as they are.

White bois ought to understand that where there is a Black god becoming part of their home, taking good care of their wife/girlfriend, then it is his latest stance to ensure their cuckold/Black-Owned relationship continues in a pleasant vein that it is meant to travel.

Like his woman, he, too, should do whatever to promote this lifestyle by informing his friends and even family members of what’s taking place in his home, and guarantee the Black Master as henceforth an indelible part of his home.

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