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I Love Watching My Wife

Is it bad that a husband should take pleasure when it comes to watching his wife frolic in the arms of her lover? I have asked myself that question many times and never once arrived at a decent answer. Some would consider it weird and crazy, and down right tabooish to even wish upon such. But I am one of a growing number of husbands out there who derive pleasant joy to see my wife get undressed by her lover, and then watch them have sex in the confines of our bedroom.

But my type of pleasure involves watching and not participating. The notion is that I am a stag: I enjoy watching my wife commit to having her fun and pleasure with whomever she wants without me intruding on the action. Sure, there have been moments that called for my intrusion.

But those merely involved instances of me assisting my wife's lover to get her out of her clothes, thus making her comfortable for him, or me providing them with drinks before and after they had gotten done fucking. I do offer to clean up the room while they get to take a shower, as well prep the room while they are downstairs concluding dinner. Either way, I always look forward to such moments, as it makes my wife exude more confidence in herself.

I know that there are husbands out there who don't mind partaking in cuckold activities alongside their wives, like getting to suck cock in her presence. So far, Mildred hasn't demanded this action of me. I have no idea what my response would be if ever she did. Likely I would do it, just so long as it makes her happy. I won't be doing it out of any bisexual tendencies, mind you. Simply to show my wife that I am here for her, and whatever I do is a sure guarantee to her being happy.

Aside from that, I am not against husbands who indulge in this along with their wives; I would even say kudos to them. For me, I much prefer sitting/standing in the sidelines to watch instead. The other good thing is that neither of her current lovers have ever demanded my involvement. I reckon they themselves feel more comfortable whenever I am not in the room with them to see how best the get along with Mildred. Some bulls simply prefer it that way. I have no choice but to sequester myself outside the room and listen in on the sex going on inside.

If you must ask, yes, I do love masturbating to the sight of my wife getting fucked; why else would I be watching her if I don't?

I cannot speak for other cuckold husbands, but for me, I'll admit that the beauty that comes with watching my wife in bed with another man is that I get to see her as a completely different woman. Yes, she is still my wife. But at that moment when she is having sex with her lover, she might as well could be any other woman out there: she could be my ex, or even my neighbour's wife. During those moments, Mildred ceases being a wife to me, and instead becomes my most fulfilling fantasy ever. I liken her to being my favourite porn star, whose only wish is to perform for me with any man she willingly chooses.

That might sound crazy, I know, but I love my wife dearly. I wish for her to accept her sexual desires as hers, and to revel in its splendour regardless of how well she has come of age. We are both in our fifties. Sure, our body outlook isn't like it once was when we were young, but the fact that men out there crave towards wanting to fuck her pleases me even more. It makes me know that my wife is still a dynamic sexual creature who cherishes sex as even a woman in her twenties would.

When I listen to her scream and moan, when I watch her switch positions with her lover, seeing the happiness highlighted in her eyes while she slathers her mouth gets me so enraptured I cannot withstand myself from ejaculating too soon.


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