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Insight into a Black-Owned Family

This confession wasn't told by me, but someone else that wanted to share with me some activities occurring with a friend of hers, and how her friend has remodelled her family into becoming a Black-Owned venture. Enjoy.


Dear Master Shango,

I have a good friend named Susan who lives near me (actually we are more than friends as we are both bi). She is 37, a beautiful blonde, who is married to a white man aged 40. She has a 13 year old daughter, also a beautiful blonde, fathered by her husband. But she has two black sons, ages 9 and 7.

Her current Black Master lives with her and her family and runs the household. Her daughter has a 15 year old black boyfriend who sleeps over often. Susan’s sons were gathered by two different black men, not her current master. The first wasn’t planned; she actually fell pregnant a few months after going black as a result of a one night stand with a black man whose cock was just too beautiful to put a condom on. She decided to keep the baby though, and two years later intentionally got pregnant again by a different black man.

She and her current Black Master plan to have another black child soon.

Her husband is now openly gay, something she worked hard to bring out in him because she was not fucking her husband and wanted to make sure he didn’t get any other woman pregnant. She is quite proud that she has a gay husband and likes him much better now that he has embraced a gay lifestyle.

It also helped with her goal of making sure her white daughter went black from day one. She is confident her daughter will fuck only black and have all black children. Her sons are quite dark, and if you didn’t know you would never guess they have a white mom. In short, she is confident that her family will be a black family, indeed in a few generations it will be hard to distinguish her family from a pure African family.

Needless to say, I think they are the ideal white family, soon to be transformed into a black family.


Afterword . . .

There are couples that would love to have a relationship such as this: husbands who would love to endear their wives with the decision of not merely going Black, but of wanting them to become a Black-Owned family. Some might declare that such is impossible, but even now as I'm writing this, there are couples across N.America who have a live-in Black Master residing in their home, and their kids see the Black Dom already as part of them.

Is it a tough commitment to make? As long as the cuck and hotwife agree on whom they desire becoming their Black Master, and afford him the love and respect that comes with having him take charge of their sexual lives, then who says such cannot be made possible?

Should such union entail the need to have a Cuckold Agreement between the couple and the Black Master? That depends on how well they choose to go about this, and as long as the couple have assured themselves that he is the designated Dominant figure they crave in their lives, then let it be so.

As long as neither venture towards breaking what's stipulated in the agreement: the wife becomes the Black Dom's sexual plaything, to fuck and breed however he solely desires. The cuckoo's wish remains to be of service to both and never to complain about his new status.


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