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Letter #243 - Thoughts on my Wife

Whenever I look at my wife prancing about in her swimsuit, I feel a sharp growth in my pants. I can’t help but wonder how she would look being seduced by another man. When we are at the beach, I watch her go swimming in the ocean while I scan the environment, observing the number of handsome male studs parading about the vicinity, many of them strolling about wearing wife-beaters or nothing at all, showing off their abs and muscles for the world to see. They all look young and handsome and masculine. Surely anyone of them would be suitable for her? Surely she has glanced at a few of them and imagined one of them taking her to bed?

If only you can imagine the dilemma that I am going through, sir. I have read through a number of your blog articles, including your erotic books countless times. I can even recite some lines verbatim that you have written concerning what husbands such as myself are feeling about their spouse. I know I am not the recent husband to be writing to you pouring out my heart and feelings to you, nor will I be the last. This was something I had to do at the last minute. There is nobody around whom I can explain the yearning hole that is inside me regarding this. Only you whom I can entrust will safeguard my secret as yours.

Abby has no idea that I am writing to you. Yes, I have mentioned you to her before. I have even given her one of your books to read, which to my surprise, she actually enjoyed. Though whether she took your words to heart seriously and not merely as some fictional conjure, I am yet to find out. Abby can be sneaky when it comes to saying what she’s thinking. One would require an ounce of patience with her, as I know you might as well.

Just like you state in your book, I have presented this offer to Abby: of her taking on a younger lover and not to mind about my concerns. We have talked about it numerous times. Always she is shy to commit, and it frustrates me to be able to dig into her head and figure out what her thoughts are on the subject. She isn’t appalled by the idea, as I earlier expected she would be. I sense some intense fascination about it coming from her. She has watched countless porn movies with me. I’m so glad I don’t need to go about hiding those from her.

Abby does have some kinky attitude about her. She enjoys sex, and sometimes she can be vivacious about it when she puts her mind into it. There have been times when she has surprised even me. I remember one time we had been on our way to a friend’s evening party, and traffic had nearly made me want to cancel the trip and return home. Abby, to my surprise, had unzipped my fly and gone down on me. That had been the first time she did that and it’s something I will never forget. It made sitting in traffic all the more worthwhile.

I can picture you seducing her right now. She loves making new friends, so it would be a piece of cake for you to make up whatever subject to interest her. The fact that this is the sort of lifestyle you live would make for an exciting topic with her; I’m sure of that. She is never the sort to harbor any conservative mindset, I tell you.

Sometimes I ask myself why I’m so bothered about wanting this for my wife. I know you get this a lot from plenty of husbands who have written to you in the past. A lot of them probably write to you wanting to know why they carry these thoughts in their head. You have no idea how often I have asked myself the same question: why do I desperately want to see another man in bed with my Abby?

Why do I get hard just thinking about it?

Why can’t I make myself stop thinking about it?

Maybe it’s because I’m such a visual animal. I enjoy watching porn (especially anything that involves interracial and cuckold), and it’s so easy for me to visualize Abby being in any one of my favorite scenes. That comes, too, with having read your books. I cannot resist you writing about Abby in one of your stories and publishing it out there for people to read, and you’ll make money out of it. I reckon that would amuse her a lot.

I know I’m asking a lot, but it would move me deeply if you could post this letter I’m sending to you on your blog, and include one of several of the photos I’m sending you of Abby. I’m still trying to convince her about submitting to this lifestyle. This would really got as far as to help with that, once she realizes there’s someone out there other than myself who’s thinking of her and wanting her so bad.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jan 24, 2020

you will love it i know your wife will love it

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