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Letter to a Cuck Husband #432

Hi there cuck-boi,

I am here to clarify somethings to you that you have been neglectful about regarding this lifestyle. This cuckold lifestyle is a journey. It is a journey that involves three figures. There is you, the husband, also known as the cuck; there is your wife, her being the mistress, then there is the third personality labelled as the bull/lover/Black Master. He gets to dominate you and your wife sexually and in whichever way possible.

These three figures make up the ‘Nature of Command’ that applies to Black-Owned couples. It isn’t subjected to just one individual, or in this case, just you.

Yes, there are instances where the husband allows the wife to go out on her own to catch her fun however she wants without any supervision from him. That method does work for some couples, but for majority of husbands out there, and I suspect yourself included, it sucks. For one thing, you, the husband gets left out on the fun. You can only remain locked down and clueless in your fantasies about whatever she’s doing and with whom she’s doing it. There’s no sense of safety in that regard. It is essential that a husband should be involved.

What is not essential is should the husband decide to go out on a limb to have his own fun his own way, and not bother to involve the wife, or at least make any subtle attempt at clueing her into what you desires now entail.

This is detrimental for several reasons:

For one, you’re neglecting your wife’s inclusion into this lifestyle. You cannot consider yourself a cuck should you venture into this alone. Sure, your complaint is that your wife hasn’t responded to your calls for cuckoldry the way that you expect her to. But that option is left for you to discover and explore, not her. She is your wife. You should know her more intimately than any other man out there. And if by chance you don’t know her that intimately, or if by chance over the years you have neglected exploring such levels of sexual intimacy with her, then now is an opportunity for you to rekindle that flame. Every wife is like an undisclosed country waiting to be explored. If you are unfamiliar with her roads, alleyways, hills and valleys, then who else will? It would certainly be your fault.

You should endeavour to study your wife more. This is what the cuckold lifestyle’s essence is about: couples becoming more familiar with each other’s fears and secrets and desires. The type of secrets most spouses would be almost reluctant to share with anyone. You should be more intone with hers as much as you want her deserving of yours.

You might assume that because you’re in your mature age that time no longer exists for you to attempt this. You might presume erroneously that you are one of a few couple out there suffering this dilemma. Let me be the first to tell you that you are wrong.

I have counselled plenty of couples, many of whom are struggling with similar issue of how to sweet-talk their spouse to get involved in this lifestyle. It is imperative that you accept this: there isn’t a silver bullet, or a perfect cocktail drug suitable to entice a wife to commit to this lifestyle. Husbands need to be ready to work hard to convince them about this. It is so because these women have become domesticated with the comfortability that comes with being a housewife. But that’s not to say that their negative responses demand dismissal. These wives, too, desire some measure of excitement. They, too, crave erotic adventure. You need to lead them like a horse to a stream, regardless of whether they are thirsty or not. Upon seeing the water, knowing it’s never as dangerous as they might assume, only then can they be compelled to drink. But to drink would require some work.

This work will involve subtle as well straight-foward means of suggestions. You might think of it as too much work, but you’d be surprised how easily your wife might wilt once you give her a push.

As it stands, I cannot tell you what push would work on your woman. Leaving her to her own devices won’t resolve the issue; tackling it will. Talking to her about this lifestyle, listening to her hopes and fears is the only way you can get her to become involved. Absorb her complaints, cajole and prod her along, but never force her into making a decision. 

As I’ve mentioned in a previous mail to you, being a Black-Owned couple is never about just one spouse. It is never about your sole submissive desires and wants; it must include your wife, too. And even when you both are living the lifestyle, you are similarly committed toward involving other couples around you. Whether it be your extended family, friends, neighbours, work-colleagues . . . the lifestyle needs to spread, as part of your Reparations agreement of loyalty towards your Black Master. And know that it includes too everything around you: your home and livelihood being under your Master’s dominion.


Master Shango.

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Unknown member
Jan 25, 2020

like to go black mary schelske

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