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You Weren’t Man Enough for Me!

Hi, Josh,

This is going to be my final letter to you. I don’t want you writing or texting me anymore after this. In fact, I reckon by the time you get done reading this letter, the last thing ever on your mind would be to reach out to me again. And don’t even think about sending messages through Shania, my best friend. She despises your ass almost as much as I do.

I have moved on, Josh. I’ve found myself a new boyfriend—you just weren’t doing it enough for me anymore. Always whining, always complaining about this or that . . . everything about you was a fucking mess. Plus—and I hate to admit this, but you know it’s true—you’re a fucking racist!

There, I said it. Deny it all you want, but you and I both know it’s true.

All the years I’ve known you, you’ve done nothing but talk down on black men. You kept saying that Black Lives Matter was nothing but a right-wing terrorist group. You’re so stupid to even think that. And it’s even funny, because the only wings I thought you know well enough about is that involving a chicken. The same sort of chicken you see every time you stare at a mirror.

The best thing that happened to me was moving to a college far from you. I’ve changed my phone number so you can’t reach me anymore; I’ve also blocked you on social media. You can tear up this letter when you’re done reading it, or use it to wipe the tears off your face. I don’t fucking care. But not before I let you in on a little that’s been happening to me since last time you saw me.

I hope you like the photo I’m sending you. That’s my boyfriend, Marlon. He’s a running back of the college football team; I’m part of the cheerleading squad. We met at a frat party a couple of months ago. I wanted him from the moment I set eyes on him; apparently, so did other bitches, but I got to him first. I let him take my pussy that night. Yes, Josh, I fucking let him into my panties, and he gave me the best damn fucking ever! You can’t begin to imagine how great it was. Sure you can, because you and I have never had sex before. Remember that time you tried, and I told you I was in my period?

I lied!

The last thing I can think of is letting you put your dick inside me—you’re not worth it.

If there’s one thing I would have loved is that you get to meet Marlon. I’d want you to see how low you cannot measure up to him. I’ve told him about you, and he gets a kick out of me describing how tiny your penis is. You should see his—his cock could bitch-slap you six ways to Sunday! If you were here, I’d dare you to call him the N-word. I’d give anything to see him beat the shit out of you.

His cock is fucking huge, and he knows how to use it. If you must know, I’m not the only cheerleader he’s fucked. But I don’t care, and the same goes with the other bitches. In fact, he has fucked me, including my friends. I’ve introduced Shania to him, and eve’ve both shared his cock several times. He’s yet to pop my anal cherry. Hopefully he will do that before the football season ends, and I’m fucking looking forward to it.

You’re still whacking off to porn, aren’t you, Josh? Yeah, I know you are; that’s all you know how to do. You’re the type that would dig a hole in the earth and pretend it’s a live pussy to fuck. I bet you’re still a virgin, right? What girl would want to date you, I have no idea. Not that I’m ashamed to have spent time with you. If anything, guys like you have taught me the sort of woman that I should be.

And that’s to be a BBCSlut!




Would you get upset if your ex sent you such a letter? Won't you wish to be there to see her become a true BBCSlut? Check out the FORUM QUESTION HERE . . .


I also want to let all of you folks know that the Twitter police have surprisingly given me back ownership of my previous Twitter account. So, you can roll with me once again @DsoulDamien. Thanks for all your support!

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2 comentarios

Way to go, Simone! You gave Josh well-deserved punishment and rubbed his face in his inferiority.

Me gusta

04 may 2021 ..........your wife is your when she is happy you 'll be also happy... so she should be black fucked and owned as long as she breathes survival of the firresr

Me gusta
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