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My Wife’s Halloween 🎃 Night Fun

This was my wife's special costume for Halloween. It was also what she wore on our wedding night, except it wasn't specially for me. I merely took photos of her before her boyfriend came for a visit, after which I was told (no, ordered) to leave the room. They shut the door after me, and then I got to listen from behind the door.

I was lucky that my wife didn't have time to put me into my cage; I had as much fun jerking off to the moaning noise happening inside. It was a tough work coming up with my own imagination while I had my ear pressed to the door. My hand kept bumping against the door due to my hand-stroking.

I hear my wife plead at her boyfriend to fuck her harder. From the loud smacking noise, I could tell that he was doing an incredible job. It was unfortunate that I couldn't tell whether he was pounding her pussy or stretching her anally.

My wife reserves her anus for her boyfriend--she and I haven't had sex in months, and that's the way we prefer things to be. Her boyfriend gets to have her whenever he comes by, which is just as frequent as she wanting to go and spend the night at his place. Though I'm most happy when he gets to come over, and twice more if he decides to spend the night.

It didn't take long before I climaxed. I looked down and saw that I had sprayed cum on the door handle as well on myself. I went searching for some tissue to clean up the mess. I feared that by the time I returned, they would have concluded fucking.

That wasn't the case.

I was able to ease the door open as quiet as I could, and peeped through the doorway to see for myself.

True enough, they were still fucking. My wife was on her back with her feet propped against her boyfriend's shoulder. From the doorway, I heard his heavy grunts in near sync with my wife's wild cries; I could tell he was hitting her pussy right.

My penis stayed limp, but I cradled it and hoped for it to grow back hard quick while I took a snapshot of them fucking with my phone. I also recorded them on video, which I would masturbate to afterwards.

This was how my wife got to enjoy Halloween night. I was grateful for it. It was a lot better than heading out to catch some fun; fun was in my bedroom last night.


Nathan from NYC.

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