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Somewhere Right Now . . .

Somewhere in a city (could be yours, mine, or someplace else), inside a residential home or an upscale apartment (maybe even a hotel or a seedy clap-house located close to the airport), a married woman is getting fucked by a Black man. Possibly she is there alone with him, having left her husband behind to mind the kids until she returns from her day’s sex bout. Or it is possible that her husband is there with her in the room where she is having sex with her Black lover. Her husband is seated across from them, or possibly he is kneeling closer to the bed as he doesn’t want to miss the sight of his wife taking her lover’s cock inside her pussy.

While you are intently reading this article right now, the idea of a cuckold relationship is forming inside your head. If you are a husband, then you are likely imagining that your wife (seated beside you in bed), is one of such women that’s in a hotel right now, servicing a Black man. Or maybe you and your wife are well entrenched in the lifestyle, except it has been days since she had her fix.

As you lie in bed, taking your time to peruse this article, you are imagining what your wife would look like if she happened to get into a slutty outfit right now. What would be your outcome if she returned home the next day and told you that she spent her afternoon with a Black man? It would never occur to you that possibly she might be referring to a work colleague. Your first thought would be whether she ended up fucking the Black man or not? Not that you would be audacious enough to pile her with such question. But it would hang on a thread at the tip of your lips to know what really your wife does whenever she isn’t home with you.

You hear your wife taking a shower, and you lie there in bed, wishing she was sharing the bathroom with a Black man. You hear her moaning from the feel of the hot water splashing on her skin, but you pretend that her Black lover has already begun fucking her. Then when she returns to the bedroom and strips off the towel, you imagine how gorgeous she would look in the arms of another man.

Doesn’t that urgency hit you like a thunderbolt?

Doesn’t that bring a certain jolt to your penis just to imagine that?

Your wife has come of age where she is more disinclined to believe that she still has beauty on her side. Regardless of whatever bit of optimism that you share with her, it’s never enough to stop her from not accepting that she is getting older, and thus undesirable for any other man out there to fancy. At least nobody else besides you.

It is then that you begin to wonder if ever your wife has thought of meeting someone young: possibly a stud who won’t mind her for how plump her body might appear, but would be more willing to fuck her like a whore instead. And why not fuck her like a whore? If it’s love-making she wants, she has you to give that to her. Instead, she wants to feel lost. She wants to feel wanted and desired like the buxom beauty she used to be years before you both go married.

Your wife might desire this thought, but she is unlikely to act out on it. Not for wanting to try, but fearing that if she does, there won’t be no stopping her. And who knows what inevitability that might unleash upon her married life with you.

She has no idea how much you endeavour her to open up about embracing her sexuality. Instead of her seeing herself as a typical boring housewife, you desire her to live the life of a sexual creature that she was made to become. Hence it is why you start purchasing explicit lingerie for her to add to her wardrobe. You prod her to expose herself when in your presence, especially in the bedroom, and to sit back and listen as she talks more about her sexual preferences and such.

You even get her to indulge in some roleplaying activity together. You pretend to be someone else, while she is a the lonesome damsel, waiting for a man to come to take charge of her. As you fall on top of her, you imagine that it’s not you, but a Black god that is lying on top of her. You picture the Black god stripping your wife out of her lingerie (possibly even ripping the fabric off her body), so as to get a better grasp of her flesh.

The question is how do you pull this through without her suspecting anything odd about your request: of wanting her to get seduced by another man. What are the chances that she won’t explode upon hearing you demand that of her? Similar question can also be asked by the wife: How do I make my husband realise that I want to have fun? That I would love to take on having a lover in my life without making him upset?

One sure means would involve either husband/wife playing on their spouse’s vanity. By making them feel wanting and special about themselves, their relationship with each other, thus lulling him/her to a point of relaxation where springing such news won’t seem so outrageous.

Yes, a wife will definitely get upset if her husband dares springing such surprise on her. But that comes down to her well the husband communicates his desires to her. As long as he makes it seem like something worthwhile for both of them to have fun with, she’s likely not to get too upset. She might even decide to do this as a sort of challenge to let her husband see for himself how self-aware she is about him daring her to have sex with another man in his presence.

Such might not be the case with the wife being the one to approach her husband with this notion. For majority of us, men, our pride on whether we are capable of sexually satisfying our wives should never be underestimated. Unless the hubby—in this case, the future cuckold—is already self-aware of his submissive tendency towards wanting to be subjected and dominated by his wife, and whoever she chooses as her lover.

* * *

Somewhere, in a hotel room right now, a married wife is on her knees worshipping a Black god's cock. Likely her husband is there, kneeling beside her, begging for a chance to serve as well. The Black god will probably allow that, after which he's going to order the husband to move away while he breeds the husband's wife.

Somewhere in a couple's bedroom, a mature wife is settling down on her lover's cock, getting ready to ride him. She will ride him until he cums inside her. Her indelible regret is that she isn't in her youthful age anymore. She most certainly would love to get pregnant by her lover. Her husband is downstairs minding the kids while she is upstairs getting fucked by her bull. Her children will never know what mom is up to. Neither will they witness the entrance of her lover into their home. Their dad, however, cannot wait to return upstairs and perform his submissive task of cleaning his wife's pussy after they are done.

For him, this truly is a dream come through.

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