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The Desired Life of a Newlywed Black-Owned Couple

Every white wife wants to bask in glee on the day of her wedding.

And why shouldn’t she? It’s unlike any other day ever in her life. It’s a day she’s never bound to forget. The sight of her as a Bride being escorted by her father into the chapel, saying her vows along with listening to that of her Groom — her future husbands — accepting his ring then sealing it with a kiss . . . after which they walk down the aisle under a flurry of excitement and happiness coming from friends and family and well-wishers.

It is a day fraught to have plenty of exotic memories. Especially for the newlyweds’ families there to celebrate with them. However, for a ‘Black-Owned’ couple that they as well are, the day carries more memories that are yet unfulfilled . . . but only for the time being.

What the newlyweds know and nobody else does, is that there is a special visitor harboring with the rest of their revellers. An inconspicuous Black man, or rather, their Black Master. It was disappointing that he never got to be part of the Groom’s Best Man train, but no matter. They have a scheduled appointment to keep that neither intends to miss.

The newlyweds flee from the church after the wife hurls her bouquet of flowers over her head at her train of Bridesmaids. They wave at everyone before jumping into the limousine that’s going to take them to their hotel where they’ll be spending the night and a second night before leaving for their Honeymoon.

They aren’t alone in the limousine, though. Their Black Master has been sitting in there waiting on them. Like everyone else, he, too, is just as happy for their marriage. However, their life as a certified ‘Black-Owned’ newly-wed couple is about to begin. And their Black Master’s presence is to make that a certainty.

Months ago they agreed to his wishes and signed His Cuckold Agreement contract that clearly states they would become his sexual property and will submit to his desires however he demands them to. Today is the appointed day he seals their commitment.

The wife unzips her Master’s pants and starts sucking his cock while the hubby sits back and watches. He unzips his fly and whips out his penis, enclosed in a steel chastity cock cage. He cradles it in his hand as he appreciates the sight of his wife pleasuring her Black Master. He comfortably knows that later on he will get his own turn to worship his Master’s cock as well. The wife looks just as radiant in her wedding dress as she bobs and gags down on her Master’s thick shaft.

How she looks so beautiful in her gorgeous dress, her husband thought.

They arrive at the hotel and they make their way up to their suite. Once inside, their Black Master takes charge of the scene. He orders the husband to strip and is then told to go kneel beside the bed while the wife gets on her knees and resumes sucking his cock. He soon discards his clothes and gestures at the husband to come closer. The husband rushes to join the wife and together they share cock-sucking duty worshipping their Master’s cock with frantic joy.

Having enjoyed their double-whammy blowjob, the Black Master pulls away from them and instructs the wife to get ready. The wife lifts up her dress for her husband to help her out of her panties then gets on all fours on the bed twerking her butt at her Master who then rubs the tip of his prick on her vulva before sliding between her velvet sheath into her.

The wife tenses as if struck by lightning.

Her husband cringes from what he sees.

Her Black Master groans as he thrusts his meat.

The Black Master fucks the wife at a steady pace that gradually increases. He gets on the bed and the husband assists his wife with her dress as she then mounts her Master’s cock and rides him hard. The husband kneels beside the bed watching, overwhelmed with lust at the sight of his gorgeous wife fucking her Master back.

The wife pants and claws at her breasts. She begs to be fucked hard. Her hips buck and she whimpers as he rams her hard. She falls on top on him. He sucks on her tits, tightens his grip on her ass cheeks and spurns her over.

The husband watches wide-eyed as the Master grunts and aggressively pounds his wife, turning her from a gorgeous bride to a salacious whore. He marvels at the sight of his Master’s dick stretching her pussy. He justifiably knows the decision will never be his to fuck his wife, or even be the one to get her pregnant. It has long being his choice to accept this aspect of their relationship and never to step out of line complaining.

He watches as the Black Master tenses his muscles and his wife screams her lust as her Master cums inside her. He waits till the Master pulls out of her, then he jumps on the bed, digs his way through his wife’s dress to clean his Master’s essence out of her pussy. Afterwards he waits for his Master to come to his feet. His Master grips his head and proceeds to fuck the husband’s mouth.

The Black Master will remain with the couple even as they venture forth on their honeymoon. He and the wife own separate keys of the husband’s chastity cage. The husband is as always thankful when later they unlock his cage and allow him freedom to masturbate. They change their dress and leave the husband behind to clean up the room while they go downstairs to sample the hostel’s swimming pool. They take with them the husband’s credit card in case they need to purchase something later.

And thus begins a newly-wed couple’s life of being Black-Owned.

Any questions?

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Wife’s action say it all


Jul 14, 2023

i want to be used by a group of black cocks Cuming

in me nonstop


When we got married, we both knew that there was something missing in our lives. It took a while until we found the "icing on the cake". Our life is so much better since we submit to black bulls and masters. We often dream of what our wedding and honeymoon would have been like if we had already had a black master.

Damien Dsoul
Damien Dsoul
Jul 13, 2023
Replying to

Perhaps you can achieve the dream and make it happen as an anniversary gift.


I suppose a wedding day just set the boundaries


Unknown member
Dec 10, 2022

Perfectly written, not a word out of place. Imagine a nature documentary, the voiceover narrating a common ritual, "The Black Master will remain with the couple even as......"

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