This Craven, Cuckold Lust

I have been married to my beautiful wife going past ten years now. In half of those years, I have imagined seeing her naked in the arms of another man.

Do I sound crazy for admitting that? If so, then somebody better come and lock me up and throw away the keys. Yet it won’t deny this feeling, this craven urge I’ve carried upon myself for years. It’s a secret I’ve never introduced to anyone besides myself. Why should I? If ever I did, I would probably be labeled a lunatic. If ever my wife hears about it… I can only but imagine how she would respond. Definitely prompt towards us getting a divorce… or who knows, maybe she might even be up for it.

Every time I see my wife naked, it is the wish of seeing her giving herself over to another man that fills my head with exciting imagery. Every time she allows me to play with her tits, it is the desire that there is another man out there who appreciates sucking her tits more than I do that compels me to remain rock-hard so I can play with her.

I have been around the world, physically as well as on the internet. Matter of fact, that’s where you go these days if you really wish to learn more about yourself and human nature. I have signed up at numerous cuckold forums and taken pleasure watching erotic videos of wives (women who are around and above my wife’s age range) having copious sex with black men. The feeling these videos unleash upon me is unlike anything I’ve experienced in a long time. I find myself gravitating towards them more and more.

Watching those women submit to the black men, seeing the obvious look of lust that lights up their eyes as they suck those thick black cocks, to then spreading their legs to get fucked… tell the truth, if you are me, haven’t you ever imagined your wife assuming that role?

That’s what’s stayed longer in my mind all this time. It’s partly the reason why I sought out these various cuckold sites to correspond with other husbands out there who, too, are just like me. To my surprise, there’s plenty of them out there. To think that all this time, I thought I was the only one that harbored such crazy thoughts about my wife, only to find out how wrong I was. More and more each day, there are husbands out there, young and old, who are contemplating this same desire: to see their wives, girlfriends ( and for some, their daughters) become slaves to sexually pleasing black men.

I wasn’t alone or afraid to share my thoughts anymore.

Some of the husbands that I’ve met want so bad for this to happen that they have weaned themselves off having sex with their wives. Their intention being that the wife would grasp the message and decide to venture out and find a boy-toy to fuck. The husbands are always crossing their fingers that such would work and that it would be a Black man they would hook up with.

Other husbands wish for it to occur by accident. I, too, have had similar wish: to return home after a hard day at work and find my wife in bed with a stranger. A Black stranger. The question is how would I respond if and when such happens. Would I shut the door and leave them together, or do I pretend to get upset and listen to her apologies, while praying that she gets to attempt it again? Some husbands have discussed the idea of taking their wives to a club, get them splattered on drinks, and persuade them to dance with any man who might venture towards their table. That sounds too much of a risk to me… but one never knows what might work.

This lust keeps growing in my heart and mind. It sometimes feels that I cannot concentrate on anything else. At night, my dreams are filled with images of my wife stripping out of her dress while another man stands waiting for her. A Black god. I sit in a chair across the room watching. I try to imagine the man would make pleasant love to my wife. But it never happens that way. Instead, he manhandles her roughly, rips her panties off her and flings her upon the bed, and takes her. He doesn’t even bother about her getting him off; his desire instead involves getting what he wants from her.

He fucks her wild. He fucks her every which way across the bed. She screams, she fights, but also she succumbs to his urge, wanting it so bad that she cannot do without it. I, on the other hand, sit there holding my penis in my hand while my mouth waters at the sight of my wife getting fucked. I pray that the bull gets to explode inside my wife, and in my dreams, that is exactly what happens. My wife resists at first, but she soon relaxes her body and lets him have his way with her.

I awake in the morning always sporting a boner in my shorts, dripping pre-cum on my thighs. My wife sniggers and asks if I’m seeing someone else in my dreams besides her. We do make love, but always when we do, I pretend to be someone else. Or in most cases, I pretend someone is in my place fucking her instead of me. The dreams then reoccurs to me and I see the Black man fucking her.

He’s fucking her harder.

She spreads her legs, caresses his shoulders, begs him for more.

More is what he then gives her.

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