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When Your Wife's Got an Ass Like That!

Have you taken an objective look at your wife’s butt lately? I’ll bet you have. What do you think about it, or what do you think about her whenever you see her in thong panties or a tight pair of jeans? What do you imagine seeing how her butt and hips swish side to side whenever she walks. The way her booty looks like it’s about to rip out of her jeans, doesn’t that give you enormous ideas regarding the sort of men she should spend quality time with in bed?

I’m referring to solid, masculine men, not sissy-boys like yourself; you’re way too watered-down on the totem pole to think you can satisfy a woman like the one you have in bed. I’m even surprised you’re married to a woman like her; you resemble the sort of man that should be cleaning her shoes instead of spending night after night in bed with her.

I’m only being honest with you when I say this, white boy. This is the honest truth — you’re not man enough to fuck a woman like your wife. Don’t you see the massive ass she’s got on her? Look at those pendulum-sized titties! Her tits must weigh a ton of bricks to stay protected behind that blouse she’s wearing. Those Double-D titties don’t deserve to stay hidden behind a bra; good that she gets to strut around braless when she feels like it.

The question you should ask is how come she hasn’t decided already to start fucking black men?

Don’t you notice the pair of eyes always looking towards her direction whenever you walk beside her? Nobody is looking at you, thinking what a lucky son-of-a-bitch you are for having a sexy-looking wife like that; they don’t even imagine you as her husband — that’s the God-honest truth, white boy. What they crave is how best they glue their lips to her tits and get her to shove those jeans down her legs so they can get a better view of that massive butt on her.

That butt is magnetic enough to halt traffic on the world’s busiest freeway.

Would you know what I’d do to that big booty wife of yours if I get one hour — ONE FUCKING HOUR! — in bed with her? Would you know how bad I’d love to bust a nut between those ass cheeks and then drag you over to clean up the mess for me? Do you know how badly I’d love to suck, munch, and bite those giant tits of hers? What man would ever want to say no to fucking your wife? Except you, because I see you haven’t the tools worthy of getting her hot and horny. Perhaps the only thing you’re good at is arousing her with your tongue, but even that’s minimal. I’ve got a magic stick for her and the best tongue to eat her pussy like a salad dish.

You worry about whether your wife can stay faithful to you if you ever give her the green light to have sex with other men. You’re afraid that she will opt not to return home to you and become addicted to other men, especially black men, as you know they’re the ones capable of sexually satisfying her. What would happen if she ever became addicted to having sex with them and decided not to return home to you again?

The question you should ask is how come she hasn’t decided already to start fucking black men? Really, even I’m surprised.

Make sure he’s a Black Master, too. With an ass like that, you both deserve to become Black-Owned for life.

Take a good look at her, cuck-boy. With an ass and a pair of tits like that, would you dissuade her from not thinking about fucking other men? The fact that she’s never gotten an orgasm since she married you or that your sperm would be worthless swimming in her vagina, would you think she ought to have considered that she deserves something way better than what you’re offering?

I’ll bet she’s thought of that numerous times. Perhaps she wishes not to ruin what relationship you have with her. Not every woman out there is inclined to want to cheat on her spouse, but if given the right circumstances (the right timing, the right person, mixed with the right type of stimuli), she can make that tremendous leap and leave you in the dust.

Your wife has no idea that you have tendencies and desires of wanting to be a cuck/sissy-boy to her. You’re such a timid coward to want to express that actuality to her. It’s a shame. You should endeavour to do that; why not free yourself of that hidden burden than allow it to weigh inside your chest so much?

You’re never going to stop whatever is coming, white boy. I’m not admitting that your woman wants to cheat or that you’re going to be forced to compel her to cheat (even though from talking to you, I can tell that’s the direction you’d love her to take). Still, the odds are against you that you’ll keep your woman happy if you never learn to please her sexually. Your pride might tell you that’s nonsense, but you and I know it’s true.

You’re only prolonging the inevitable if you don’t come to terms with what’s beckoning in front of you. That fear gnawing at your heart, instead of hiding from it, the best thing would be to learn to embrace it. Learn to love your woman more, and make her understand that she’s got an amazing body, she’s a gorgeous-looking woman, and she deserves the best things you can offer her or assist her with acquiring, one of which happens to be finding someone to give her the best damn fucking ever.

That would help free you from whatever challenges you can expect. You won’t be too bothered about whoever gets to fuck her, knowing she’s going to be in capable hands, and as long as he’s pumping her pussy with hard dick, rest assured, you would commit to being the submissive sissy-boy you’re hoping to embrace.

But this is the dream I’m telling you; a dream is not a dream until you learn to make it a reality. That begins with you coming face to face with what’s in front of you instead of pretending or denying what’s before you. Your woman needs a hardcore bull to dominate and own that impressive booty of hers. Once she finds that incredible man, it will be your utmost duty to serve her wishes, including his, by ensuring they stay strong together.

Make sure he’s a Black Master, too. With an ass like that, you both deserve to become Black-Owned for life.

P.S. If you feel your wife's booty is indeed BUILT FOR BLACKS, include a snapshot of her butt in the comment section of this post.


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Mature wife
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