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White Women, ALWAYS Open Your Legs for Black Men!

White women should never shy away from opening their legs wife for black men to investigate what lies beyond their bush. This is something that plenty of white women are doing, and for those who are only getting clued into what it means to serve black men, they, too, have come to the realisation that the key to their sexual power comes with embracing their desire to spread their legs open whenever a black man is around.

This trend applies to single women as it does married ones; it goes beyond a woman’s age or her race (Asian women, too, are included) and for the married wives, their husbands, too, know this as true. Cuck husbands know they can do nothing when it comes to allowing their wives unequivocal freedom to invite black men over for sex, instead of keeping their legs closed for their husbands alone.

Even before my wife, Becky, and I got married, I’d always tried to make her understand how beneficial our marriage would become if she would be more open-minded towards being more friendly with black men. She did inquire what I meant by ‘more friendly’, and then I got explicit and told her I wouldn’t forbade her if she ever got approached by any nameless black man for sex. Becky was apoplectic with shock and anger, as I knew she would be, but nonetheless, I continued to have such conversations with her despite her vitriol towards my agenda.

Becky thought I was insane to think she would be so blatant as to want to ruin our marriage by introducing another man into our bed. She wasn’t raised to be that sort of woman, she reminded me. I took months for me to deprogram her mind from living the typical conservative way of life that her parents had instilled upon her.

I did some online research and purchased numerous books that referred to how black men are superior sexually and physically, and how white women shouldn’t be ashamed to give themselves to black men, as that is what’s naturally expected of them regardless of what so-called ‘white society’ might deem as crazy.

We watched movies that showcased the talent of what black men are about. I booked us a holiday trip to Ghana, where we got to visit several slave castles built during the past century along the Gold Coast. The trip was a real eye-opener for Becky, and it got her talking about Reparations. We agreed that this is a sure means of paying back for past wrongs that’s continuing to present years.

Becky has been a good sport about it, and since the past two years, she’s had multiple lovers over at the house to spend however quality time that can to be with her. I consider it my utmost pleasure being her dutiful cuck whenever any black man comes by.

Why is it necessary for white women to willingly allow black men between their legs? Because how else would they expect a black man to come and be with them?

Becky was worried about them getting her pregnant and desired them to wear condoms. But lately, we have talked about finding means of going serious regarding this lifestyle. We have decided it would be in our best interest being of service to a special Black Dom who would coach us into committing ourselves towards serving him, and if possible, grant him the honour of breeding Becky with a child or two.

We have been corresponding with other couples in various adult websites and forums, including BlacktoWhite, where we’ve followed postings that have to do with black-breeding principles. Becky had been chatting with various friends, sharing with them bits about the secret to our successful marriage. Some would think of us as weird and crazy, but this is what’s becoming of white marriages, and it is our duty to share and spread the knowledge with others out there.

Why is it necessary for white women to willingly allow black men between their legs? Because how else would they expect a black man to come and be with them? It’s not enough for these women to act coy and allow black men chase after them; they should know black men have the pick of the litter, and aren’t into chasing horny tails. Best means is for white women to approach these men, let their true feelings known to them, and if possible, beg the black men to enrich their sexual nature and transform them into ideal black cock-whores like my wife.

Once a white woman imbibes black cock and allows that black cock ejaculate in her vagina, she is ultimately going to be infected with black cock-addicted syndrome and won’t ever want to close her legs to any black man again. The worst that could happen is that she loses her black lover (perhaps he relocates from her neighbourhood, or ventures out with some other pussy), but once the white woman has that addiction, her best bet is to hook up with another black man to continue where the other stopped.

Whatever is the case, her addiction is bound to propel her sexual drive in ways her cuck husband never possibly could.

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This blog is a real eye-opener for me: ‘White women should never shy away from opening their legs wife for Black Men to investigate. ‘ Especially the advice to spread my legs open whenever a Black Man is around.

I was taught to sit upright with my legs properly together. Sitting with the legs apart was for men: manspreading.

Indeed, the first time I got Blacked was after I opened my legs! Without thinking, I fell back into old behavior of putting my legs together. I'm afraid that I have failed Black Men in doing so. I’m sorry for that.

This blog is a wise lesson, I will adjust my behavior and immediately open my legs as soon as a…


Dec 06, 2023

i love to open my legs wide for a group of masters


David Sissy
David Sissy
Oct 17, 2023

Being a cuckold white man comes from not being a selfish person. We know that our physical build is far below that of a black man, not to mention the size and power of his virile member. It's something that the cuck white man ends up loving almost as much as his wife...

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