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Why She Chooses Black

Most of you might read this article expecting a straight-forward answer to the above question. I’m here to you know that you’ll be solely disappointed, but here goes.

Many white men have the wrong answers to the foremost question they have often asked themselves, and even thrown at me several times: "why do white women prefer black men?"

I cannot stress the number of times that particular question has been asked me. Many times, I have received complaints from numerous white men gripping about having lost their spouse/fiancée/girlfriend to some unknown black man. Once, I've even had one accuse me of being the actual culprit, even though the male accuser resided over in California, whereas I'm snug in my home hallway across the world from him. Like I would make time to board a flight to come and snatch his wife from him, someone whom I know nothing about.

Even if I were a latter-day Dracula figure, that wouldn't fly with me. However, it didn't stop him from accusing me of a crime I hadn't committed.

For a majority of white men asking this question, it's usually juxtaposed with regards to how black women would relate towards them. The long view of the question goes like this: "How come it's easy for white women to seek black men, yet difficult for black women to seek white men, or vice versa?"

To expand on the inner meaning of that question would involve some aspects that include race, equality, and socio-economic standing, which would take a long time to unravel. Let’s instead stick with the main question at hand.

As I mentioned in the opening of this article, I cannot provide a single, credible answer to this question regarding why or whatever quality(ties) that’s known to entice white women towards being attracted to black men. Suffice to say that the will of attraction has always been in existence. Except now with the presence of the internet, and the fact that there is looseness in terms of interracial couplings and encounters, it prominent to see white women demolishing the once persistent belief that they cannot desire black men and get away with it.

There is the desire for something new, something that most of such women have gotten too consistently from dating white men to the point that they wish to try something new. They desire some dynamic variety regarding relationships. And why not? It’s always asserted that variety is the spice of life. As such, two people coming from opposite backgrounds are apt to bring something new and charismatic to the table.

Tell the truth, white bois: when you see a white couple walking by, it doesn’t necessarily move you to admiring them. Think about your favourite white male celebrity dating a fellow white woman. There’s practically nothing to evoke an emotive response out of you. However, imagine seeing that same white male celebrity dating a woman of colour, or a black male celebrity dating a white woman . . . something like that is bound to get your thoughts racing once you see such occurrence.

We have the internet to thank for this; we have social media to thank for making this trend possible, good or bad.

The Internet is what made porn become more far-reaching than it once used to it. It helped transport porn out of the bedroom into becoming part of our daily lives. Now, we can watch porn in the comfort of whatever little space we find ourselves without feeling we’re getting shamed by it. More white women area becoming comfortable with enjoying porn than ever before, and what better porn is it to watch than that which speaks to the variety most of these women want besides interracial porn?

Another aspect that’s usually overlooked is that many of these white women probably would ignore the presence or opportunities that comes with dating black men if it weren’t for their white men urging them to do this.

Yes, this is definitely true: white men are the reasons why majority of black men’s attitudes have become stereotyped by the mainstream media. White men have always portrayed black men as relevant sexual brutes, and how best to test this theory than letting their women become profoundly seduced by black men. If you think I’m lying, even the great Malcolm X reflected on this in his autobiography (a book that I ascribe every Black-Owned couple should endeavour to read). White men have always been piqued by the black man’s strive, and what better way to showcase their awe and desire than letting a Black god come to take ownership role in their lives and home.

His wife might think of it as strange seeing how submissive her husband has evolved, and she’s bound to stick with the winning team. Even though she knows deep in her heart that the Black god wouldn’t end up claiming her for a wife, why not become the next best thing he could possibly lay claim to wanting—as his property!

Who knows, from becoming his property, she can take on an emotive aspect that he might find neglecting from his other women.

She would then begin to realise parts of herself she had long lost touch with—her sexual libido, which prior to now she assumed was nonexistent. Finding that sexual reawakening occur inside her, feeling it consume her into accepting her status as a hotwife would be so attractive, she wouldn’t ever want to return to the stale, morose housewife lifestyle she once assumed. Sure, her husband has and still caters to her daily needs, but sex . . . That’s something she would live to hold onto.

And why not?

What good is a woman who doesn’t ever want to come to terms with her femininity and sexuality?

Likewise, her daughter, too, would experience that same awakening, possibly more stronger than her mom. Why would she want to go through the rigours her mom went through from the earlier standpoint of her marriage, when she can have an early beginning worshiping black men as she’s meant to do? Her white boyfriend(s) would come to terms that if ever he’s to win her back, then he has to work harder than he usually would in the past. Except that ship has long sailed—she’s gone Black and never to return back.

Why then wouldn’t she, and other white women like her, choose Black.

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Many people believe in what is natural, others in their instincts, even some chose to go with the flow instead of swimming against it. What do all these motives have in common? The answer is logic.

Yes, math is logical, so is everything natural. Unfortunately, as things get more complex and structures start building up, the pure and simple logic becomes twisted, until it is no longer easily recognizable. Take all the injustices we have witnessed over the past few millenniums. They are riddled with illogical, unjust and unfair practices. That might be one of the reasons, why the Bible told the Hebrews not to move to the cities.

But how is cuckolding fit into all of this? If…

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To se mi líbí

Neznámý člen
14. 4. 2023

If you are a naturally small, submissive man, you should be more than happy to give your promiscuous wife to the Master. She needs to be happy and sexually satisfied, and only a black man can really make that happen for her.

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09. 4. 2023

it is simple evolution. white girls want to be filled with a Black Man's seed because they instinctively know that African DNA is Superior. white boys also instinctively know that Black Men have Superior DNA which is why white boys become willing slaves to Black Men and submit to chastity. white boys remain pussy free and give their wives to Black Men because Black Genetic Supremacy is so powerful and obvious.

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David Sissy
David Sissy
04. 4. 2023

They are strong and athletic, their member is usually developed and virile ... like three times more than the most virile of White Boys ...

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