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Why So Afraid Of Being a Cuckold?

A message to husbands out there:

You are who you are to yourselves and to your wives/girlfriends. You are what you desire so intimately that it shakes your soul, especially when you’re asleep. When you awake and you glance at your wife’s nude form, that is your desire speaking to you, explaining to you what you so desperately want can be yours.

So, why do you still fight the urge to become what you desperately want?

Why do you feel that being a cuckold isn’t about you?

Of course, it is; you’re simply finding it hard to accept. You do believe that it is what you want to be. You hear it calling to you, yearning towards you. For as far back as you can remember, even way before you met your wife. Way before you began dating your first girlfriend, you have been thinking about this. It was like a seed implanted in the back of your mind. Who or what was responsible for this seed implant is irrelevant. What matters is that it exists, and it is there inside you, growing into becoming what it needs to become. It wasn’t until you began dating your girlfriend, or when you got married, that the seed finally bloomed into what it’s suddenly become.

It was then that you had the strong urgency of wanting to be cucked by your woman. You wanted to know what it would feel like to see her waking up in the arms of another man. You wanted to see her getting sexually satisfied by another man. You wanted to know if really she would be willing to jump into the sea of your desire alongside you, and to hold your hand tight as you and her swim through this river of cuckoldry together.

But then, why do you become embarrassed once you realise your dream of cuckoldry starting to come through? Why is the future scaring you, white boi?

More than that, you didn’t merely want the other man to come and make love to her. No, that would be too simplistic. What you do with your woman is already as simplistic as you can imagine; you wish for the other man to go even further. You want the other man (preferably a black man) to make your wife into a randy, unfiltered whore. You want this black man to fuck your wife: make her lust over his cock; to droll with lust whenever she sees him, or anyone else like him; you want her to scream aloud her expectations whenever he thrusts his cock inside her.

Does it stop there? No, not entirely.

You always want to see what this man’s cock would do to your wife: you want his huge cock to devastate her pussy, to make her capable of becoming addicted towards wanting him again and again. You also don’t want to be left out of the circle. You, too, want to become addicted to your wife’s lover: to sit back and worship his cock as he makes necessary demands of you. You are willing to do whatever the black god wants, as long as he is there to fulfil your utmost desire of giving your wife the most incredible fucking she has ever received in her life.

Does your desire stop there? Not really. Let’s continue.

You want this same black god to invite a number of his friends to come and fuck your wife, too. You want to see your wife humbled before their feet. To rip apart that ‘whiteness’ from her mind and soul. You want them to fuck every hole in your wife, and inevitably to climax in each hole and then demand that you come over and suck their cocks clean, after which they would then grant you reprieve of cleaning their cum out of your wife’s pussy.

You want them to remake you into not merely being her husband, but her cuck-boi, and, with your wife’s approval, for them to domesticate your masculinity and reshape you into what you know you were meant to be: a humbled cuck beside your wife, now transformed into an indomitable hotwife.

You want your hotwife to become charged with servicing black men whenever she feels like it, or whenever they demand her time. It matters no hour of the day, as long as they want her, you are willing to transport her to where her Black Master would be waiting to make sue of her talents. You should know that as much as he gets to cum inside her, she’s liable to become Black-Bred.

Ah, yes . . . that is the end goal, right? You wanting your wife to become Black-Bred. You know this is true, even though you’re too coy to want to admit the truth. Every time you watch an interracial porn, you’re always hoping it would end with the bull climaxing inside the woman. And when that does happen, and you see that river of cum dripping out of her vagina, the question you’re apt to ask yourself is this: “I wonder if ever she would get pregnant?”

But why are you yet to embrace this circle of dream(s) that you’re having?

Whatever is it that you’re so afraid of? And why do you taken whatever it is that makes you afraid of this lifestyle so damn serious?

Is it the fear of not following the societal norm that this lifestyle embraces? You’re likely worried that if your friends/family members ever got to find out about what you desire for your wife, that you would be labelled as insane. You’ve combed through the internet, and you’ve heard stories of numerous couples living through the best of their cuckold dreams, however they manage it. It makes you wonder how they got to embracing the lifestyle, and whether you, too, can follow in their footsteps. You so much want to, but you’re worried of what changes might wrought upon your marriage should this dream become a reality for you.

Or perhaps the thought of being a cuckold is what’s most upsetting to your mind: why would any man want to be considered that? How would any man want to stand there and become humiliated by another man who wants nothing more than to give his wife the ultimate sexual pleasure? How can I consider myself a man if I get to wear my wife’s panties and a chastity cage, and sit back and watch other men take ownership of my wife . . . and possibly of me, also?

So many questions begets fewer answers. None can ever be suitable to dispel whatever fear that weights in your heart and mind regarding this lifestyle. As long as there is plenty of room to trust and have faith, then don’t ever falter from learning to embrace that cuckold seed that’s fertile in your mind. Understand also that your wife/girlfriend is coming along for the ride.

Only then will your answers be assuaged.

Husbands should learn to understand their fear towards being a cuckold and accept the fear as part of the journey. Instead of being worried about whatever perceptions you might get from this lifestyle, learn instead to embrace it.

Hope you check out @ShayTofano on Twitter. Love her videos.

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Why are white bois so afraid of being a Cuckold? I only can speak for myself. The first time I saw my wife I felt in love with her immediately but she didn't. I fought over three years till I moved out of her friend zone. I was so proud that finally I had my trophy girl. Still remember the first kiss, the first time I was able to touch her great D-cup tits and suck on them. Sliding my finger in her dripping wet now even she doesn't call it pussy but cunt. I was so excited that she was my girl. We got married and we had - what I called - good sex. Soon we started…


Jonathan Cuckold
Jonathan Cuckold
Apr 27, 2023

Of course it’s natural to fear the unknown but the truth is that a cuckold lurks inside every white man. We know the truth is that other black men could fuck our women better than we could ever imagine. We know that our equipment just isn’t up to the job and we know that our women deserve a proper fucking that only black cock can supply. I can tell you from personal experience that once you watch a black man fuck your partner then you’re hooked. The sense of relief that finally she’s getting a real servicing is very real. No longer dowe she have to maintain the pretence that you can satisfy her and you are able to relax…


lordy this rings sooo true of my desires and fairs. The only part I dont desire is the pregnant part.


i have been pussyfree for 26 years


Oct 21, 2022

Excellent insights into the white boy’s mind. Many white boys fantasize about Black Supremacy, but they won’t make it a reality. I became a cuckhold and a white slave because the genetic superiority of Black Men is so obvious. The white boy’s (and white girl’s) purpose is to serve and worship Black Men and Black Women. Because I know a Black Man is my Superior then I am thrilled for Him to penetrate my wife, and to use me for whatever purpose He sees fit.

Damien Dsoul
Damien Dsoul
Oct 22, 2022
Replying to

Many white bois out there know the truth, but are afraid to speak on it. Yet they are in disbelief regarding their submissive status.

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